"Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter, and those who matter don't mind." ~~Wisdom from Dr. Seuss:


This is Funny, or Maybe the Drugs Talking

Ok, I thought this was funny. The HR lady at work asked just how much drugs did they have me on. Here is how the conversation went.......

Boss Woman says, "Reah (that's what she calls me) are the *President and *Miata Man still at lunch?!?!"

Me: "Yeah, the *President called and said they would be late getting back from lunch because they were "on a mission" or "hot on the trail" or something to that effect.

Boss Woman: "Hmmmmm.... do they think they are detectives now?" giving me a questioning look

Out of the blue, I say, (and yes now as I type this I think it was the drugs)
laughing..."more like Shaggy and Scooby Doo"

We both started laughing at this point making comparative notes about the guys and how the fit both characters. The President would be Shaggy. Miata Man would be Scooby. Trust me, they both fit these characters. (I do love them both don't get me wrong, it's just some characters in life ya fit hehe)

By now we are into the whole Scooby cartoon and it's characters and how the shows go.
Now don't go feeling sorry for Shaggy and Scooby. Boss Woman aka Velma and Me aka Daphne added our self to the mix. We just had to find a "Fred" in the company. Which ended up being Cole who is in real life wayyyy too short to be Freddy, and Velma says "our" Freddy doesn't have a voice as and I quote "as cool as Freddy's".
I said, "well he does have a contagious laugh and fits the rest of Freddy's character doesn't he??"

Maybe it was the medicine they have me on for this stupid sinus infection.
Maybe we were just bored. Maybe we just need to get a life.
Either way, meet the newest cast of Scooby Doo!!


Exciting Stuff Here

I've gone a wheee bit crazy this summer with the fruit.
Is being fruity or nutty worse?
I don't know why but I have loaded DH and I up on the fruit this summer.
At any given point in time you can find 2 BAGS of cherries, and 2 BOXES of blueberries. DH loves blueberries. Today I looked in the fridge and am ashamed to admit how many boxes of blueberries I had. let's just say I had some already, and then on "girls night" Friday they were on sale for a $1, yes $1 a box at Wally World. Of course I bought more!! Since I have been home sick, and deathly bored this afternoon I decided to make something with these blueberries.
Waaa Laaa.........Blueberry Crisp.
Of course I couldn't go by the recipe and had to adjust it myself. Seriously, who goes completely by the recipe anyways??
So here it is. It looks delicious. DH is stopping on the way home to pick up some vanilla ice cream to go with it. I hope it taste as good as it looks. Below you will find the recipe I used in case you want to try it. Bon Appetite!

Blueberry Crisp: Bake at 375/30mins

4 cups of fresh blueberries
4 tablespoons of self-rising flour
1/3 cup of granulated sugar
2 tablespoons of lemon juice
3/4 cup of flour
3/4 cup of oats
1/2 cup packed light brown sugar
1/2 cup of melted butter

mix 4 tablespoons of flour with sugar. Stir in fresh washed blueberries with lemon juice. Fold into 9" pie plate (I know they're pricey but I love the ones from longenbarger (I hope that's spelled right, oh well I am positive you know what I'm talking about), they are so easy to clean, and they are very hard to burn stuff in)set aside.

mix remaining ingredients. Drop crumbles of mixture over blueberry mixture.
Place in preheated oven 375 for 30 minutes.


Random Pictures

This is Frankie's Mom and Dad. Aren't they sweet!!

That's Frankie's Momma. The Sweetest Lady. Of course what Momma doesn't want to do this from time to time to their kids and their spouses?? Maybe it's the results of all the Ale-8 you see sitting on the table, who knows.

The Newly Weds first fight. It was great. They soon made up.

Do you remember the horrible decorating story I did about work and the fish??
Ok well if not, it was good. The fish, is behind my desk at work. No I did not pick him out, he came with the desk, but the CEO will not let me discard him.
Of course Emmy LOVED it. She wanted her picture taken with it, see below......

This is a picture of my MNL on her honeymoon. Surprisingly this is how I still love seeing her, with her suitcase in hand. I'm just kidding.....sort of.
Although I do have to say she was/is a beautiful lady.

Here is a picture of us with Emmy on her visit during the 4th of July.
See how happy we all look??

By the way, I can't help but mention how absolutely handsome my DH is. He always seems to be the one taking the pictures and never in them. Now I just got to get "her" cropped out, hehe.

I hope you enjoy the pictures!!

Today I am home sick with the worst sinus infection. YUCK!!
At least when I am awake maybe I can get caught up on reading everyones blogs.
Yeah for me!!


Legends Game

Me & DH


Another Weekend Gone

Sunday came in a rush this weekend. Tomorrow I will have to go back to work : (
It has been a great weekend. For the first time in ever Brandi and I had a girls night out Friday. We went to Maysville to Pasquales and to do a little shopping. With an hour there and and hour back it gave us lots of time to just talk and be us without our DH's. I think they were surprised when we didn't roll in until around 12 or so, and we paid for it the next day. I realize I am not as young as I use to be. When did that happen???

Saturday evening we went to the annual company outing at the Legends game.
Good times. Back to the grind stone tomorrow, yea!!

Hope everyone had a great weekend!


100th Blog Post!!!

Here I am at my 100th Post!! I can't believe I've already did that many.
Ok, so I still haven't learned to do anything fancy with this yet, like change colors, or fonts but I'm working on it.

I got to thinking about what to do for my 100th post. So I thought I would tell 100 random things about myself. After thinking a while, I thought, why not ask the people who know me best to tell me what they think of when they think of me. It has been interesting, but they all were up for the challenge. So, here you have 100 random things about me for my 100th blog.

100. locked me in the closet as a kid
99. Busted my head opened playing "airplane" while Mom was gone
98. Made me eat soap (I don't remember it, but he swears I did)
97. dressed me like a girl (what can I say? I always wanted a sister)
96. threatened "Sterile Cheryl" to call the house or talk "dirty" to me as a teenager.

95. friendly
94. likes to abuse "Miata Man"
93. Religious
92. wants to be a beach bum
91. holding onto the wagon with her fingertips and I'm trying to push her off.

90. has a thing with odd numbers, only likes even
89. likes to throw candy at fat girls (actually it was her when she was pregnant)
88. likes to travel
87. seen a vision of love at a funeral
86. if you lose touch with her, you will die

85. has an infections laugh
84. you know her mood by the look on her face
83. she's devoted to her family
82. she's devoted to church
81. is loving to those she likes and the devil to the ones she don't. (she said this laughing, so I'm hoping that was good, right?)

80. Moody
79. Bossy
78. Loving
77. Great Cook
76. married to an illegal midget

75. loves to text
74. particular about how the yard is mowed (wonder why?)
73. likes all sorts of flowers
72. likes to take walks in the rain
71. loves all songs about rain

70. Funny
69. Loud
68. Purty
67. Guarded
66. Interesting

65. someone who is not where she wants to be
64. has shown sarcasm is a talent
63. loves a good time out
62. loves a good night out with some of her girl friends
61. has no problem finishing a book in one sitting

60. is micheveious
59. is a prankster
58. loves to pamper people
57. loves a Saturday ride
56. devoted wife

55. she's a good listener
54. a southern comfort
53. a dear friend
52. someone who's got your back
51. God fearing

50. she's sweet
49. she's caring
48. she's loving
47. she's concerned
46. she's a Holy example to others

45. she is very affectionate
44. would make a great Momma
43. she likes everything in order and place
42. always there when you need her
41. loves to joke around until she makes you laugh

40. she's unique
39. hilarious
38. definitely spontaneous
37. crazy will do most anything
36. runs a tidy ship

35. guy said, "I wanna love you all over x's five baby"
know what, that worked for me, lol.

20. works for a company called Brock McVey
19. doesn't take "no mess" from nobody!
18. likes to eat at Mi Mexico (great mex joint in Lex Ky if you are ever there)
17. drives 30 miles one way to church
16. likes to take last minute get aways, like beach trip in May.

15. eats the food on her plate clockwise.
14. doesnt like for her food to touch, but she mixes cornbread with everything
13. has a type "A" personality
12. hates to have her picture taken
11. thinks she has always been fat even when she was rail thin.

10. peppermint mocha and hot apple cider are drink preferences from Starbucks
09. she has to sneak to Starbucks because she was once addicted and went 3xday
08. she is willing to try just about anything at least once
07. a turkey tried to fly in her car when her Momma was trying to teach her to drive
06. can't stand being hot unless it's from a hot bath or hot tub

05. is like a fish to water and can swim but is afraid of drowning
04. favorite breakfast is biscuits and gravy from Nannie's
03. people she wants to see in person is God, and her babies in Heaven
02. talks fast when she gets excited
01. loves to blog and made everyone laugh by asking "what are five things that come to your mind about me when you think of me?"

Thank you to everyone who helped out! It was lots of fun.


A Special Rainy Day

Once upon a time there was this fearless 17yr old girl. Girlie was in love with Boy. Boy loved Girlie more than anything at time and wanted to spend as much time with the Girlie as possible. So much so he was willing to go on camping trips with Girlie and Girlie's parents. (don't ya just love this Boy so far?)

So Girlie and Boy are on camping trip in the fall. It's a cool day on the lake and they are walking and talking. What happens? It starts raining! Boy gives Girlie his red sweatshirt hoodie so she doesn't get wet or cold. Girlie and Boy have to walk back to camp. Of course they didn't care because they were together. Boy pulls Girlie close to keep her warm and sings, "Hey there little red riding hood...." to her. And they laugh and kiss all the way back to camp.

Young love in its self is wonderful but usually for a season.
The memories you carry forever.

Today on this drizzly raining day, I closed my eyes, and I was that "Girlie" again.
Thank You Lord for that memory of a rainy day 15yrs ago and "thank you" to the Boy who gave me that memory to keep.


Just Call Me Bean Picker!

I love stuff fresh from the garden. I don't mind working in the garden. But I HATE picking beans!! Oh my goodness how I hate picking beans. Guess what? I've been picking beans for two days now, and I'll be picking beans tomorrow night too. With this crazy weather we've had that's almost all we have. Corn and beans. This winter I will be so glad I have them though.

Friday will be my 100th post!! I am so proud of myself. So maybe I am not the best blogger, but this thing takes a lot of time and work!! I need more practice, but it's for me, and not really anyone else other than my faithful followers. I love you ALL! Ok, stay tuned to see what pops up on Friday.

Right now I have to go water flowers at Momma's because her and Pa are gone vacationing. Also to have a party at the house with Keifee haha.


Fat, Fat, and Fatter

In Feb the Dr gave me all kinds of bad health news. She told me I needed to go on a diet ASAP. If I could something low carb it would be great for my cholesterol issues. I told her I had actually been thinking of starting a low carb diet because it works so well for me. Of course basically being told do it or die from my arteries being clogged was a great motivator.
At first I was off and running. I wanted to lose 30lbs between Feb 16th and May 9th when my "GF" was getting married in Mobile. I managed 26lbs and hadn't been completely faithful to the diet. I was walking up to 3 miles a day and feeling pretty good. Then all at once it seemed like the world came at me and I was putting it back on. I quit walking because of a pinched nerve. Then out of boredom I started eating whatever.
Now 16lbs is back on and I feel like it's 26 more than I started with!! I desperately need to get it together and do something!!

I'm a fat blob.

I can't stand myself.

Oh, I could stand to lose a 100lbs, but I would be thrilled with 50!! Or at the moment I would settle for 10lbs off just to get me motivated again.

It's clear that I need help! Motivation!!
DH has offered to do it with me. That didn't last long.
It takes so much more out of me to have to coach him, and tell him, "no don't eat that, or you can have this but not that". It takes so much more effort to keeping us both at it, than keeping myself at it. At the same time him not caring what he eats while I'm huffing and puffing it ticks me off. I mean come on, help a sista out here!!

It's B-A-D. I didn't realize how bad until the other day.
When I realized, I don't look in the mirror for a reason.
When I fix my hair, I barely look in the mirror.
I refuse to have my picture taken.

The other down fall is when I get stressed I like to cook. It relaxes me.
Let's just say I am cooking something just about every minute I am awake, trying to find something that "taste good", or is "what I'm craving".
I've baked cookies, and cakes. Fixed pasta, potatoes, and now that summer is here, you can't have fresh garden without cornbread, right?
I think cornbread and sweet tea are a staple for all southern gals.

What is a girl to do?

Post an add in Sunday's paper?

"Looking for Diet Drill Sargent who can handle hard-headed, fat, frumpy, southern gal. Needs to lose a minimum of 50lbs. All candidates apply to reese1025@gmail.com"

How Cool Is That

So this morning on our way to work we stopped at Mc D's to get a sandwich. Next to the Mc D's is a Thorntons. I looked over and the parking lot was full of bikers. I mean FULL. Now this particular Thortons has a huge lot. Guess what all these bikers were doing. They were standing around holding hands in prayer. I thought how cool is that?? Not that it was a group of bikers, but that they had no problem standing in a busy busy parking lot, holding hands, binding together in prayer.

I dunno...I just thought it was cool. What a great way to start the day.


DH, I and Jesse got out and went for a really long drive today. Back roads of course, they are my favorite. Since DH is from IN, he hasn't seen lots of the beautiful parts of KY. So anytime we can get away I try to take him somewhere new. Some of today he had seen, some not. It was a high of 72 today. So it was the windows down, and the sunroof open, wind blowing your hair kinda day. It was GREAT as well as much needed with the last few weeks here. The last few months have been pretty rough at times it seems.
One of the whole reasons I started blogging was to get stuff off my chest. Lately I have found I quit doing that. Several friends and family members started reading me regularly and I wasn't sure I wanted to just open myself up to everyone. Sometimes mostly my Momma bless her heart. Please don't get me wrong I got the BEST Momma EVER!! Yet still at the age of 32 I don't want to hear everything she has to say, lol. Love you Momma!! Sometimes, ok most times she still sees me as a little girl and doesn't think I can make "big girl" decisions, or that I need to possibly think them through a little more. Ok, well sometimes she is right, but not always.
I guess another reason is, I don't want people to see me as whiny.
So today I am going to share a little more than normal with you. So maybe you know or at least understand me a little better.
Two months after DH and I started dating they told me I would not be able to have children unless I started trying right then because I had gone into "ovarian failure". Of course being divorced (2yrs) I was in no hurry to think about children or getting married again. So we didn't try. DH told me he wasn't dating me for kids and we would continue dating. We did and married almost 2yrs later. It wasn't until winter of 2002 kids came into question. I was dying to have one. After a lot of prayers and after years of no cycles I started again. We did everything we could think of and was recommended to us, and trust me people recommend some crazy stuff. (we'll save those funny things for another day) By our anniversary I knew we were pregnant. I had a dr's apt two days before, so while I was there the dr did a pregnancy test. We were going on a getaway that weekend. As we were leaving the nurse called and told me we weren't pregnant, the blood level was too low to be. I remember sitting in traffic devastated, bawling crying. I had known deep in my heart I was pregnant. It was probably our worst anniversary. We were blessed to be at a Bed & Breakfast we frequented run by a couple we had befriended. The next two weeks were a blur. I still knew in my heart I was pregnant. I mean who knows a persons body better than them self? On Mother's Day my home pregnancy test came in positive. We were ecstatic. Before I even told DH I took 10 test. I had my first prenatal apt in two weeks. It was on a Monday. Unfortunately fate had another destiny for us because over the weekend I started miscarrying. They had told me to expect possible bleeding. Thinking the day the nurse called was the worse day wasn't even close to my 3rd dr's appt that week. The first one didn't look good, but they were still hopeful my numbers would come up. They did the third day, but by Friday they bottomed out, and my baby was gone. At 16 weeks along before my baby even showed up on a test. I have no clue what happened the next few days. My Momma was there but I remember feeling like there was no one in the world, and I was questioning if I still was. This happened the week of DH's 30th Birthday. His Mom was there. I don't think I left the bedroom other than I took her to eat the morning of her flight, and I took her to the airport. I shouldn't have been driving.
Since then we've had countless dr's apts, 6 more miscarriages and it still hasn't gotten easier. I've gotten pregnant with friends and me miscarry and now have to see their babies grow, and know what mine would be doing. I don't begrudge them, I am just sharing what it is like. Last fall we found out we were pregnant again. We were elated. It was the first time we had really been trying in a while. DH and I went to my first appt. My levels were fine. Physical evam was fine. He said I was at 10 weeks, and everything was "fine". We were so excited because I would be due June 15th. That is usually Father's Day, and also my Daddy's birthday.
DH was gone on business trip when I went for my first ultrasound so Momma went with me. No baby. As I laid there on the table watching the screen I watched my life fall apart again. The grief engulfing me.
Sunday while I was home from church I came across some sister bloggers and I found I am not alone in this. I am not the only one going through this crazy, emotional roller coaster. I have been blessed by those women's stories and their battles.
I hope you don't find me whiny or ungrateful. Now you know a little more.
If you believe in God and prayer, please keep me there, and the other ladies of the world who have a desire to have children and can't.
Now you know why I love the two songs I have here:
"Jesus Bring The Rain" and the second "I Want To Know How It Feels" because I want to know how it feels to be in Heaven with my Babies and their perfectness there.


Finally Friday

Thank goodness today is Friday!!
I didn't know if I would make it through this week. We had our annual Customer Appreciation Day yesterday. We fed over 600 people. It was the largest crowd we've had in the 5 years I've been there. WOW can those men eat!!!


There are no words

Today I have had more time to surf. I have been in "blog heaven".
While reading blog, after blog I came across the most amazing blog and I wanted to share it. There are no words for people like this. Please keep her in your prayers that God will continue to bless her ministry for broken hearted families. As well as for her and she carries another child.
If you have ever lost a child in any form you will love this site.
It's called, "To Write Their Names In The Sand". Please check out this site www.namesinthesand.blogspot.com and Carly Dudley's amazing story.
You will be blessed by it.


Ramblings of an UnHappy Wife

I don't know if it's the coming down from the "stress high" of having Emmy here for a week, work, and everything else in between combined or what.
Today I am an unhappy wife. I come home and my house looks like a bomb went off in it. Ok, maybe we need to back up to this morning about.......7:28.
DH and I work at the same place. We commute 60 miles one way together. Most couples would not do well in this situation, but 98% of the time we do well. Today was no exception until about halfway there. Before we go any further,
***Please keep in mind for the last two weeks it has been crazy at our house with company functions, church camp and then a week with his Momma here****
So as my normal fly threw the radio stations

I say, "Baby, what do you want to do tomorrow?" When really what I was saying is: "Thank God and Greyhound your mother is gone, what are we going to do on our "alone" time?"

DH says, "As little as possible it's going to be hot." When he's really saying, "Don't ask me or expect me to do anything besides sit in my chair and surf the Internet for guns, and electronic gadgets"

When in my mind I was thinking he should say:

"Sweetheart, let's just stay in bed all day." or maybe, "Sweetheart, lets just pack up and go to Huber's and spend the day."

What has happened to old fashioned romance?? I didn't know it was the woman's job *with most every other task of being married* to keep the sparks going as well.

Ok, so I had a minor deflation. Then you top it with work, YEA!!!
I went to work and keyed numbers, numbers, numbers. Worked reports, talked about, worked through schedule for "customer appreciation day" and then what happens?
Didn't Momma say there would be days like this??

5 o'clock..........wait, wait, wait, wait, wait......did I mention wait?
On a customer who didn't even show up after HE had to wait on him.
This is not really his fault. I mean this is one of the many traits he has I love so very dearly is his compassion and kindness for others. But Buddy was already in the dog house, so maybe he should have passed on it?

So I pull out a book and start reading while I waited.
I love to read.
He likes when I read because it keeps me quiet, haha.
Except, when it takes my attention away from him. So of course I read all the way home, and know what? I will probably finish that book tonight!
Between washing load after load of clothes, and picking up after a man who can't pick up after himself. Please note the old wives tale is true, "the apple doesn't fall far from the tree" I know for a fact it is true.

Oh well such is life, and this too shall pass.

Hope everyone has a great weekend and hopefully I will over the "unhappy wife syndrome" tomorrow!!



and the show goes on

I talk about "my peeps" here all the time, and I'm sure half of you have no clue who they are. So I put a lil' wiggy thing in the ride hand side of what I call peeps and kinda who they are. I hope this helps cypher my crazy world for ya.

Update on the MNL

Emmy headed out this morning. A day early.
When she came she said she would leave Friday. Then I don't know what happened last night, but the next thing I know she was leaving this morning instead. That's just Emmy. We never know for sure what's up with that.

Came home tonight, walked a mile. Almost died. First time in WEEKS!!
So I came home and ate a whole container of icing, a pint of ice cream, and a fudge round. Ok, ok, I didn't eat any of those things, but all of them have crossed my mind at some point during that walk along with being washed down by a Steak N Shake strawberry milkshake.

I am having cabbage for supper, oh yum!!
DH is at Momma's finishing up her A/C unit he has been installing. God love his heart. He is so good to my folks, and my brothers and I can barely tolerate his. I HAVE to work on this. They are still his no matter if I like them or not.

Alright, time for wind down from the week. Hopefully I will be back to normal bloggy self this weekend.



3 Days Later

Well, I have survived another 3 days. We are on the down hill slide with the visit. I have not had much time to blog the last two days. We had church last night, so there was that, and the night before the MNL and I went shopping. What better way to bond, eh? Ok, so we don't like to shop at the same places I found, but we both lived thru it, and we had ice cream!!

In case I don't make it back in two days, please call the local police dept.


Love, Marriage, and 53hrs later.

So here we are at hour 53:15:07.
Yes I have started even counting the seconds since my MNL arrived.
We were doing great until about 3hrs ago. The even more sad part is we just come from church. Work tomorrow is looking really good!!

There should be some big bold lettering when you get married on the license that says,
If you are being married by a man of God, it should be even MORE questioned.
Something like the following:

Preacher: "Son, have you taken a good look at your future MNL?"
Groom: "Well, no, not really. I have been so intrigued by her daughter"
Preacher: "Son, I think you should take a very close look at her, and her actions because she is going to be the spitting image and action of her 20years from now or less. Do you STILL want to do this?"

One of two things transpire at this point: (1)Groom either says he can handle the task, and proceeds with the ceremony or (2)the Preacher helps Groom get the heck outta dodge.

Preacher: "Dear, have you spent much time with your future in laws?"
Bride: "Well, sort of. I was there for dinner at Thanksgiving and Christmas, they seemed nice enough"
Preacher: "Dear, they always seem "nice" when their son FINALLY brings one home, but have you really been able to spend any one on one time with them? (1)Do you think you are ready to have these people meddling, and giving you unwanted advice for the next 40yrs? (2)Do you see yourself being their caregiver 20 years from now?"

Now the Bride, having more compassion, or stupidity I am not sure which is some dumbstruck and says, "YES!! I LOVE HIM, I will DO ANYTHING for him!!"

And that question list should be about 3 questions more if you are considering marrying an only child.

Please don't get me wrong, I love my DH more than life it's self. That is why I continue to be nice to his Dad, Stepmother, and Mother, and do extremely nice things for him since puts up with mine, and my brothers. Yet I still have to question my sanity and many others.

At least I am able to hangout in my "blog world" freely!! It is my escape.
Don't get me completely wrong, she is a nice lady. She is good to me. (Well it took 6 of my & DH's years together to remotely start being nice to me, I moved up to "Maria" instead of "That Girl", I am not kidding here. I mean really who could make this stuff up??)

Now it is 115 hours until departure........wish me luck!!!!


So here we are........

Momma & Daddy Bear

My Momma & Me

Keith & Me acting silly of course

Pictures of the "Fam" from my Dad's Birthday party this week.
Remember me, I will be "living it up" with my wonderful mother in law!
Hope everyone is having a "blast" this fourth of July!!!


Oh where Oh where has my little blog gone....

Ok, so I have been slacking in the blogging dept.
It's just been so crazy busy around here, and well, I realized I have a life!!
Not that I would rather be in it than blogging, it just doesn't allow me the time.
I'm not married to a Dr, or Lawyer, or anything other occupation that could pay for me to be home, so I am out burning the daylight up too making the nickels and dimes.
When I'm at work I think, "Ok, I am going to blog about this when I get home". Unfortunately like now, I have forgotten, or it doesn't seem as funny.

Tonight I do have to say I feel very blessed.
Although it feels like we are in the eye of the storm, (as was taught on last night at church) I am blessed by wonderful family, and great friends to go through it with.
God is still good, He's still in control and His will, will continue to prevail, no matter what people say or do.