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Love, Marriage, and 53hrs later.

So here we are at hour 53:15:07.
Yes I have started even counting the seconds since my MNL arrived.
We were doing great until about 3hrs ago. The even more sad part is we just come from church. Work tomorrow is looking really good!!

There should be some big bold lettering when you get married on the license that says,
If you are being married by a man of God, it should be even MORE questioned.
Something like the following:

Preacher: "Son, have you taken a good look at your future MNL?"
Groom: "Well, no, not really. I have been so intrigued by her daughter"
Preacher: "Son, I think you should take a very close look at her, and her actions because she is going to be the spitting image and action of her 20years from now or less. Do you STILL want to do this?"

One of two things transpire at this point: (1)Groom either says he can handle the task, and proceeds with the ceremony or (2)the Preacher helps Groom get the heck outta dodge.

Preacher: "Dear, have you spent much time with your future in laws?"
Bride: "Well, sort of. I was there for dinner at Thanksgiving and Christmas, they seemed nice enough"
Preacher: "Dear, they always seem "nice" when their son FINALLY brings one home, but have you really been able to spend any one on one time with them? (1)Do you think you are ready to have these people meddling, and giving you unwanted advice for the next 40yrs? (2)Do you see yourself being their caregiver 20 years from now?"

Now the Bride, having more compassion, or stupidity I am not sure which is some dumbstruck and says, "YES!! I LOVE HIM, I will DO ANYTHING for him!!"

And that question list should be about 3 questions more if you are considering marrying an only child.

Please don't get me wrong, I love my DH more than life it's self. That is why I continue to be nice to his Dad, Stepmother, and Mother, and do extremely nice things for him since puts up with mine, and my brothers. Yet I still have to question my sanity and many others.

At least I am able to hangout in my "blog world" freely!! It is my escape.
Don't get me completely wrong, she is a nice lady. She is good to me. (Well it took 6 of my & DH's years together to remotely start being nice to me, I moved up to "Maria" instead of "That Girl", I am not kidding here. I mean really who could make this stuff up??)

Now it is 115 hours until departure........wish me luck!!!!

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Queen-Size funny bone said...

Love it. ain't it the truth.