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I've gone a wheee bit crazy this summer with the fruit.
Is being fruity or nutty worse?
I don't know why but I have loaded DH and I up on the fruit this summer.
At any given point in time you can find 2 BAGS of cherries, and 2 BOXES of blueberries. DH loves blueberries. Today I looked in the fridge and am ashamed to admit how many boxes of blueberries I had. let's just say I had some already, and then on "girls night" Friday they were on sale for a $1, yes $1 a box at Wally World. Of course I bought more!! Since I have been home sick, and deathly bored this afternoon I decided to make something with these blueberries.
Waaa Laaa.........Blueberry Crisp.
Of course I couldn't go by the recipe and had to adjust it myself. Seriously, who goes completely by the recipe anyways??
So here it is. It looks delicious. DH is stopping on the way home to pick up some vanilla ice cream to go with it. I hope it taste as good as it looks. Below you will find the recipe I used in case you want to try it. Bon Appetite!

Blueberry Crisp: Bake at 375/30mins

4 cups of fresh blueberries
4 tablespoons of self-rising flour
1/3 cup of granulated sugar
2 tablespoons of lemon juice
3/4 cup of flour
3/4 cup of oats
1/2 cup packed light brown sugar
1/2 cup of melted butter

mix 4 tablespoons of flour with sugar. Stir in fresh washed blueberries with lemon juice. Fold into 9" pie plate (I know they're pricey but I love the ones from longenbarger (I hope that's spelled right, oh well I am positive you know what I'm talking about), they are so easy to clean, and they are very hard to burn stuff in)set aside.

mix remaining ingredients. Drop crumbles of mixture over blueberry mixture.
Place in preheated oven 375 for 30 minutes.


Queen-Size funny bone said...

yum yum

Becky said...

Oh YUM!!

I would LOVE some blueberry crisp right now!!

♥georgie♥ said...

LOL@is being fruity or nutty worse...too cute

that looks delish!!!

tammy said...

That looks so yummy! Thanks for posting this - definitely a recipe I plan to try!