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This is Funny, or Maybe the Drugs Talking

Ok, I thought this was funny. The HR lady at work asked just how much drugs did they have me on. Here is how the conversation went.......

Boss Woman says, "Reah (that's what she calls me) are the *President and *Miata Man still at lunch?!?!"

Me: "Yeah, the *President called and said they would be late getting back from lunch because they were "on a mission" or "hot on the trail" or something to that effect.

Boss Woman: "Hmmmmm.... do they think they are detectives now?" giving me a questioning look

Out of the blue, I say, (and yes now as I type this I think it was the drugs)
laughing..."more like Shaggy and Scooby Doo"

We both started laughing at this point making comparative notes about the guys and how the fit both characters. The President would be Shaggy. Miata Man would be Scooby. Trust me, they both fit these characters. (I do love them both don't get me wrong, it's just some characters in life ya fit hehe)

By now we are into the whole Scooby cartoon and it's characters and how the shows go.
Now don't go feeling sorry for Shaggy and Scooby. Boss Woman aka Velma and Me aka Daphne added our self to the mix. We just had to find a "Fred" in the company. Which ended up being Cole who is in real life wayyyy too short to be Freddy, and Velma says "our" Freddy doesn't have a voice as and I quote "as cool as Freddy's".
I said, "well he does have a contagious laugh and fits the rest of Freddy's character doesn't he??"

Maybe it was the medicine they have me on for this stupid sinus infection.
Maybe we were just bored. Maybe we just need to get a life.
Either way, meet the newest cast of Scooby Doo!!

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I always think odd things are funny. People think I'm weird but ahh well..