"Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter, and those who matter don't mind." ~~Wisdom from Dr. Seuss:


Ramblings of an UnHappy Wife

I don't know if it's the coming down from the "stress high" of having Emmy here for a week, work, and everything else in between combined or what.
Today I am an unhappy wife. I come home and my house looks like a bomb went off in it. Ok, maybe we need to back up to this morning about.......7:28.
DH and I work at the same place. We commute 60 miles one way together. Most couples would not do well in this situation, but 98% of the time we do well. Today was no exception until about halfway there. Before we go any further,
***Please keep in mind for the last two weeks it has been crazy at our house with company functions, church camp and then a week with his Momma here****
So as my normal fly threw the radio stations

I say, "Baby, what do you want to do tomorrow?" When really what I was saying is: "Thank God and Greyhound your mother is gone, what are we going to do on our "alone" time?"

DH says, "As little as possible it's going to be hot." When he's really saying, "Don't ask me or expect me to do anything besides sit in my chair and surf the Internet for guns, and electronic gadgets"

When in my mind I was thinking he should say:

"Sweetheart, let's just stay in bed all day." or maybe, "Sweetheart, lets just pack up and go to Huber's and spend the day."

What has happened to old fashioned romance?? I didn't know it was the woman's job *with most every other task of being married* to keep the sparks going as well.

Ok, so I had a minor deflation. Then you top it with work, YEA!!!
I went to work and keyed numbers, numbers, numbers. Worked reports, talked about, worked through schedule for "customer appreciation day" and then what happens?
Didn't Momma say there would be days like this??

5 o'clock..........wait, wait, wait, wait, wait......did I mention wait?
On a customer who didn't even show up after HE had to wait on him.
This is not really his fault. I mean this is one of the many traits he has I love so very dearly is his compassion and kindness for others. But Buddy was already in the dog house, so maybe he should have passed on it?

So I pull out a book and start reading while I waited.
I love to read.
He likes when I read because it keeps me quiet, haha.
Except, when it takes my attention away from him. So of course I read all the way home, and know what? I will probably finish that book tonight!
Between washing load after load of clothes, and picking up after a man who can't pick up after himself. Please note the old wives tale is true, "the apple doesn't fall far from the tree" I know for a fact it is true.

Oh well such is life, and this too shall pass.

Hope everyone has a great weekend and hopefully I will over the "unhappy wife syndrome" tomorrow!!


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OceanDreams said...

Hope you get some alone time with your hubby soon and enjoy your book. :) Welcome to SITS!