"Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter, and those who matter don't mind." ~~Wisdom from Dr. Seuss:



We are currently on vacation.
We left first thing Saturday morning, headed for Charleston, SC. 
We ended up staying in Spartanburg, SC the first night.  This was suppose to be a lazy trip. 
No schedule, no "have to be" anywhere.  We just knew we wanted to hit several places.
Charleston, Hilton Head, Savannah & St. Augustine. 
We are day 4 and are in Savannah.  
We went to Charleston, Isle of Palms, & Folly Beach (Sunday & Monday)
Monday night we stayed in Hilton Head, then spending the morning & early afternoon until it wouldn't stop raining.  How much can you do at the beach with it raining??  I guess I could have let DH hold the umbrella over me while I shelled, huh?
So we drove on into Savannah this afternoon.  
We stopped at Old Town Trolley where we got set up and will be doing the tour thing tomorrow.  They let us do one for free this afternoon so we would know what we wanted to do tomorrow.  They also recommended River Street Inn.  They are running a special, whatever the temperature is, that's your  room rate!!  
It's 77 here today.  How awesome is that?!?!?!  The rooms generally start out around $159 a night. 
It is one of the coolest places ever.  It's also down in the historic/river district. 
Here are some of the pictures from our trip so far. 
Isle of Palms

This was from Old Towne Grill & Seafood in Historic Charleston.
The review on this Gyro said it was better than the Gyro's from Greek Restaurants in NYC.
I would have to agree.  DH loved the Greek potatoes.

this was a picture hanging in our booth there.
It looked literally like a window with shutters that were open.
Picture inside.  Each tables was different.
Loved it!
We would go back a dozen or more times.

This was my feet enjoying Hilton Head before the rain set in.
Nothing like a good dose of sand for exfoliation!

 Pictures below are from our room at River St. Inn.

These are pictures I took from the balcony.

It's raining here too.
At least here we can walk/ride around and it's not so bad.

Here is DH during dinner at Tubby's Tank House.
Crab dip appetizer.
DH ate the whole thing!! 

Oh yeah!  We "rolled" away we were so full!
Can't wait until tomorrow and to see the town.
I loved seeing all the "squares" here.
For now I am going to prop my feet up where I can watch boats coming in and out and read my book I brought just in case I was able to read. 


To The Ladies....

Yesterday was a miserable rainy down pour day.  A 45min drive took an hour and 20mins.  You couldn't see the car in front of you.  I made this drive for a funeral  for a very special lady.
This beautiful lady is Missy's Momma, Wanda.  Missy and I basically met chewing on the back of a church pew which now seems like a 100 years ago.  I can remember sitting in Wanda's kitchen more times than I can count before Miss and I would go out.  Always smiling, always telling us not to get in trouble and having a twinkle in her eye knowing it was a lost cause.  We had talks about school, boys, Miss, God, and love sitting there on those stools.  I never remember Wanda not smiling.  I remember her praying with me one night at church after my divorce.  We both sat crying, yet she was still smiling.  That was Wanda.   
Missy reminded me so much of her Momma yesterday.  Smiling even through her tears, on the hardest day.
She is going to be deeply missed. 
After the funeral and grave side service a local church provided a meal.  As sad and as miserable as the rain made things, it was great seeing some of the girls from school. There were four of us there.  Everyone else was talking and sharing their condolences with Miss, so we took up the next table and talked.  It had been several years since I had seen them.  We talked of our husbands, kids and furry creatures.  Of ex's and things we'd done years ago.  We laughed until we cried.  Laughed at things we've done.  It's funny how much time goes by and things change, but friends never do.  
Last night I came home telling DH bits and pieces.  Of course he came long after these girls and I had lost contact.  So he was privileged to hear stories new and old.  It reminded me of that old K.T. Oslin song, 
"80's Ladies".  So we weren't really 80's ladies, more like 90's 2000, lol.

Today as I am waiting on my bestie for her birthday day out, I am so thankful to have good friends that are always there.  I'm glad that if there is a need I can call or a funny story to tell. 
Time and distance may separate us by location but friendships that last a lifetime.   

I love ya girls!!  


1 More Night

We have finally come to the last and final night of this visit with my MNL.  I cannot lie and say that I am not happy she will be departing this one horse town tomorrow night.
She really is a nice lady (I have to assume, other people like her, and she does have friends she's just never cared to share that "personality" with me) she just has an "air" to her let's say.
This visit has been focused around how "FAT" people are.  Mostly DH, me, my family and DH's family.
According to her everyone has got fat and ugly.  No she does not know what the word tact means.  (And you thought I was bad Momma, shame!!)

Since she's been here I have fixed the following menus:
Arrival: baked chicken, new potatoes w/parsley, green beans, fresh tomatoes, pone of cornbread, snicker-doodle cake (which for the record according to her was too dry)
Day 2: chicken and dumplings, mashed potatoes, green beans, yeast rolls
Day 3: skillet cabbage and pone cornbread and brown sugar chewies
Day 4: Birthday supper at Momma's for Dad, fried fish, french fries, hushpuppies, macaroni salad, red velvet cake, cherry cheesecake.
Day 5: grilled rib-eye steak, mashed potatoes w/green onions, cheese and bacon.
Day 6: Pasquales, (where she asked if we were eating here) she had a stromboli
Day 7: biscuits, gravy, eggs, breakfast rice, tomatoes.  For dinner we were at a cookout
Day 8: biscuits, eggs w/bacon, spinach, mushrooms & cheese, fresh strawberries.
supper consisted of a buffet at a local state park,
Please know the lady never eats less than two plates, she goes on and on and on about how she can eat and stay thin.
Did I mention she can't do ANYTHING for herself?  She won't can't fix her own cup of hot tea that she HAS to have before bed, and as soon as she wakes up.

Tonight as we're sitting at the table, DH makes the mistake of telling his Mom that her hair fell into her corn.
Where she tells him her hair would not fall out and it's not hers.

Me: Way to go telling her "her" hair fell in her plate. You knew it wasn't going to be hers.
So far your mother hasn't liked anything I've fixed or one place we've taken her to eat.
DH: Yes she has, you don't know what you're talking about.
(the MNL then sits down with a piece of cake)
MNL: This is not good cake, this is not german chocolate cake, only Grandma makes german chocolate cake. This is nasty cake.
(I give DH the "I told you so" look, looked at the MNL smiled, and went back to eating my chicken)

She did thank me for taking her to the Lodge tonight to eat even though the meal was horrible. LOL.
God Love Her.
One more night, One more night, One more night.........I can DO IT!!!!


This Is Too Funny!!

I heard about this on the radio the other morning.  I just came across it.  It CRACKED me UP!!!
I'm glad I'm not single.  Enjoy!!