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Random Pictures

This is Frankie's Mom and Dad. Aren't they sweet!!

That's Frankie's Momma. The Sweetest Lady. Of course what Momma doesn't want to do this from time to time to their kids and their spouses?? Maybe it's the results of all the Ale-8 you see sitting on the table, who knows.

The Newly Weds first fight. It was great. They soon made up.

Do you remember the horrible decorating story I did about work and the fish??
Ok well if not, it was good. The fish, is behind my desk at work. No I did not pick him out, he came with the desk, but the CEO will not let me discard him.
Of course Emmy LOVED it. She wanted her picture taken with it, see below......

This is a picture of my MNL on her honeymoon. Surprisingly this is how I still love seeing her, with her suitcase in hand. I'm just kidding.....sort of.
Although I do have to say she was/is a beautiful lady.

Here is a picture of us with Emmy on her visit during the 4th of July.
See how happy we all look??

By the way, I can't help but mention how absolutely handsome my DH is. He always seems to be the one taking the pictures and never in them. Now I just got to get "her" cropped out, hehe.

I hope you enjoy the pictures!!

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Missy said...

What kind of job do you have that a fish like that comes with it? The pics are great!