"Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter, and those who matter don't mind." ~~Wisdom from Dr. Seuss:


Happy Anniversary DH




Week of Flashback

I didn't have much chance to blog about the past week or so.
I just got home from a dr's appt where I was so unimpressed.
Use to it annoyed me how people stereotyped people from Ky.
Today sitting in the dr's office waiting room I know why they do.
A young boy, with his Mom, & his dog.

He managed to consume 4 pkgs of reese cups, a bag of gum drops
and a bag of gummy bears in less than 10mins while his Mom slept.
Then his dog perched itself on "mother's" foot and relieved it's self.
Seriously, when did it become ok to bring your dogs to the dr's office??

So we celebrated Nan's 80th Birthday.
She received 97 cards from family and friends.

We had a wonderful lemon & strawberry cake with lemon curd filling
and strawberry butter cream icing.  All made from scratch by yours truly 
Yes, it was delicious!! 

DH also was able to get a turkey the first day of season this year.
I am so thankful so that I don't have to hear it :)
Although he says he could still get another one. 

I have also applied for a new position at work. 
I'm kind of unsure about it, but I guess we will see what happens this week.
We are down til 24 day until we leave out for our missions trip to Norway
to be with Bro & Sis Speer.  We can't wait to see all this
I also received some updated pictures of our God Children I guess you could say.
These are their pictures with their cousins, and their Mom & Dad from Easter.

I just can't believe how big they're getting!!
Time does fly.


Sunday Morning Thoughts

I love Sunday mornings.  To be up in the house alone and it quiet.
I can pray as I go.  Sing, and just talk one on one with the Lord.
The last few weeks I've been able to continue to pray, but talking to Him has been so much harder.
With everything going on with DH & I and the rest of our family it just seems I've not been able to find the words.
This song below is has been continuously in my heart and on my lips.
Because even through it all, even in the darkest valley, God is still so good to me and I can't complain.
Thank You Bro Don Johnson for writing & singing "I Can't Complain"

“Music is what feelings sound like.”
God is so Good to Me, I just Can't Complain.
I Love You Lord


Am I Still Here?

I am almost back up to speed and ready to blog full force again.
With the exception of just being too busy with work, Church, and our trip in less than 26 days.
Yes I have them numbered, duh!!  
Let's see, 1st time of out the country.  2nd being in Norway with Missionaries who live there, and will help us make major decisions affecting the rest of our lives.  3rd because I'm learning another position at work to cover for a gal at work that is pregnant, and have put in for another job at the same time there.  Yeah, and I'm suppose to remember it all.  My brain is on overload.  
On a brighter note, I am able to pick up a new radio station at work.  It is God's Country 107.1.  It's a mixture of Christian music and non-negative country music.  No drinking, losing your dog, your wife, blah, blah, blah stuff.  Anyways, they have been playing this song below.  I love it!!  I thought I would share it and the next time you have that little nagging voice in your head to call someone, do it!

Matt Kennon is the artist, "The Call" is the song.

“Music is what feelings sound like.”

Have a great weekend!


Friday Fun

What can I say?  Sometimes this is just how I feel.
Even here at HOME!! 
Have a great weekend!!


Compassion & Love

This video below is about 2 local men.  It is a little long but well worth watching.
Lord give me compassion and love for ones I do not know that hurt and need love.


Here I Am

It has been 19 days.
Today is the first day I have seen some sunlight.
The fog is slowly taking it's time lifting.
I guess I realized I have to pull myself together and keep going.
God has, and will sustain me.
This time has been much more difficult.
I haven't felt the normal guilt of "I didn't do enough" or "I should have done ...."
The grief has been tremendous for me & DH both.

I will NOT be discouraged.  I will NOT scream "Why ME?"
I will NOT be mad.  (Because people say stupid inappropriate things)
I will NOT be bitter because this precious baby made #8.
GOD is still in CONTROL!!!

36 Days until our big trip on the bird
We are really excited to be with Bro & Sis Speer.
Before we go our days are jammed packed.
Nan's 80th Birthday is Tuesday the 20th.
Our 9th Wedding Anniversary on the 28th of April
The UPC Ladies Retreat Weekend.
Where I get to hear someone who can encourage me
like this lady did many times in her life.
Thank You Sis Nona for your Life of Service to the Lord.
Mother's Day.
My most dreaded Holiday of the year.
Imagine why.
(Seriously, I have to ask.  Just because all my babies reside in Heaven with Jesus
that doesn't make me any less a Momma does it?
Then don't treat me like it or go feeling all sorry for me)
Sorry, it's a peeve of mine.

Then there is the 4 day

Thursday thru Sat 7am to 7pm.
I think we are on overload!!
Then the next Thursday, LIFT OFF!!
Ok, so now I'm kinda sorta back to my blogging.
Hope I didn't bore you to death.
What has been going on in the blog world?


Wordless Wednesday

36 days and counting


Post It Note Tuesday


My Everything

This morning I woke up and saw you laying there, in a deep peaceful sleep
I thought to myself that, that is exactly how you make me feel.
I can lay snuggled next to you, while you pet my head, and my anxiety fades.
We've had a lot of anxiety the last 13 days.
Days I didn't want to get up. 
You are there, wiping my tears as you cried with me.
With God we have made it through.
Binding Us Together, making Us Stronger, Together.

I looked at my celly ringing this morning.
There was your picture from our trip to Dauphin Island last year.
I longed for Us a day like that again.
There will be more walks along the beach and days of sunshine I know.
Thank You for being my Everything.
God truly knew who I needed when He gave me You.
My Best Friend
My Partner in all Life's Turns
My Love more Precious than Gold
My Sunshine on Rainy Days
My Shelter during the Storm

I Love You,


“Anyone can give up, it's the easiest thing in the world to do. But to hold it together when everyone else would understand if you fell apart, that's true strength.”


My New Favorite.........

Meet my new FAVORITE dr here