"Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter, and those who matter don't mind." ~~Wisdom from Dr. Seuss:


Christmas Eve Eve

It's Christmas Eve, Eve. I didn't even realize it!! I asked hubby a few mins ago, "..is tomorrow Christmas Eve??" Wow, I have made it through the whole season as a Scrooge. I have not pulled out the first Christmas attire, put up the first Christmas decoration. I went to Walmart before the "crowd" arrived today. I looked a fresh tree for $15, I though WOW $15, I guess being today is the 23rd, they would be cheap. I should be ashamed, but for some reason, I am not. I finished all my wrapping today. I have a gift for everyone, except my father in law, and that was hubby's problem. Guess what, it probably has became mine tonight, still no gift. **sighs***
I hate that I have become a Scrooge. I had the best of intentions this year. Then tonight while working on my cheeseballs, I realized I was forgetting the real reason of the season. Christ. HE is the true reason of the Season. I started thinking of how blessed I have been this year. I had a major healing in my bladder and kidneys in Sept. That only God himself could have done.
My husband and I both still have jobs, even though they are hard to come by.
We have a home that is paid for, maybe it's not the biggest, or best in the world, but it is a "home" not just a "house". It is full of love, and happiness. I have a wonderful family, who are all healthy, safe, and annoying, and loving as always.
We have a wonderful Church, Church Family and Pastor who we have been blessed with.
I don't know as though I could ask for more, other than another year of the same.

I hope you and yours has a very Merry Christmas, and are reminded of the true reason for the season.

God Bless You


It's been a long day. Here it is 10:30, and I am still up. Major "No, No" in my book. Especially for a work day when I am going on by myself. Tomorrow is our big dept Christmas party. We are playing Yankee Swap. Hubby is taking the day off tomorrow to go hunt Bambi before the season is over. Fine with me, we spent a small fortune this year so he could, here we are 3months later, still no Bambi in my freezer.
To be such a "type A" personality, things have changed of late. I have gotten to the point, I don't care anymore. Is that a bad thing?? I use to be one, who had all shopping done by Nov 1st. I spent my whole year hunting down that "perfect" gift "they" wanted. I had all my lights, decorations, and tree up before Sunday on Thanksgiving weekend. Here I am, Dec 18th, no lights, no tree, and no decor. I am surprised I was able to pull it together to get some candy and cookies made. All due to my extraordinary, wonderful Momma of course.
Being my hubby knows how "moody" I can get without sleep, he is over here telling me, "Get To Bed!". I guess I should be glad he still wants me to come!

Tomorrow will be Friday, and maybe I can share some crazy work story with you then.



Snow Day

Snow days, aren't they just the best?? I mean, even if you have to drag yourself out of bed, putt putt to work. They are wonderful!! I love a fresh snow. Nothing can put you more in the Christmas mood. Here we are, less than 10 days until Christmas, and I still have no Christmas tree. How is that possible?? I was so gung ho earlier, and somewhere it fizzled. Probably about the time I got the 9ft one finally together at work.
I am currently doing some more Christmas baking. We are having our dept party on Friday. I am in the process of baking my Jam Cake, and making Peppermint Patties. Luckily I already have my peanut butter balls, and coconut balls done. Yeah!! I did whip up a batch of snickerdoodles, but Hubby has them almost all gone.

Funny story from work today, but my timer just went off. Maybe I will come back later and post, or tomorrow.

Toodles for now!!


I survived!

I survived two Christmas Parties. We went 21/2hrs away for a regional Church Christmas party, and then back 11/2hrs to a work Christmas party. Made it home finally around 1am. Whew, I am wayyyyy too old for this stuff. I realized yesterday/this morning. I am dragging today. It was a good time. We raised quite a bit of money for the Children's Home. I think hubby d/l so pictures from the trip. I will see if I can attach one or two!



No title today. It's almost 10:30pm. I am wore to the core. I started at 6:30am when hubby pulled out for work this morning. I started looking for my daily "mood music" and thought why not some Christmas tunes for cookies, candy, and gift wrapping?? So I got me some new tunes to share. I hope you enjoy them!!

We made snickerdoodle cookies, sugar cookies, chocolate fudge, coconut balls, peanut butter balls, and I just finished a batch of peppermint bark for the church party tomorrow.

We went out tonight with my best gal friend and her hubby for our annual "Christmas Dinner". We had a good time. I forgot to take any pictures tonight. What can I say, we have been crazy crazy today. Ok, so I attached a picture of my favorite couple and us from our vacation last year. Of course they look great!! They both have lost a total of 214lbs. I am so proud of them!! It is helping me get motivated.




Today was my Friday this week. Yeah!!!! I am spending tomorrow with my Momma who is the most awesome person in the world! That is the only that kept me going. This has been one heck of a bummer day. Actually all week. I told our HR manager that the only thing I could figure out was my problem is, when I looked in the mirror I realized I was past "needing" to get my eyebrows done, and since I looked like Oscar the Grouch, I must be acting like him as well.
I should be thankful. We got to go home shortly after 5 for a change. The weather is nasty, but still. Good cuddle weather.
When I got home and got the mail, (which is usually junk) there was 1 Christmas card, my Christmas movie, and a small package from my Mother-n-Law. MNL, as we will call her, well, she sends all sorts of interesting packages. Sometimes good, sometimes, well...........interesting!! Today though I was really happy with it. She sent a Christmas card. Enclosed were pictures. Btw, she is a pic freak. Usually it's pics of herself. Not today, she gave me 4 of the most precious adorable pictures I could ever ask for. They were of my hubby when he was 4 months old. Making all kinds of faces, that have ran over into his 30's. They are precious because we have not been able to find any "baby" pics of him.
Well, that is all for today. I have a long day/weekend ahead. We are going to a Church Christmas party Saturday, and then on to our work one. Making cookies and candies all day tomorrow with my Momma.



Christmas 2002, Nana, Dave & Me at Cracker Barrel

Hubby with Santa "Poppy"

Ok, I just had my first traumatic experience with blog spot, and blogging. I typed this whole BIG blog about work, my fellow workers, etc. Guess what happened!!!! It all went capooie went I hit save after adding a picture!!!!
Ok, no funny story today, even though I had one. I will just d/l some pictures for viewing in ode to the holidays!!


First Sitting Spell

Let's talk a little about how I got here. You see a guy at church has a blog, and as I was visiting his blog, and started checking out other peoples blogs he followed, I became addicted to "The Farm Blahg". That is my favorite blog to follow. Oh I do read some of the others when time willing, but Marilyn cracks me up. So I thought what the heck? I might as well start my own.

So I guess this is where I start telling you a little about me. Well I am from a small Podunk town in Ky. Please don't get me wrong Ky is beautiful state, I live in a beautiful area, but once you have left for the big city, and you come back............well anyways, here I am back in my hometown living again. Parts of me love being here, because my folks are here, my brothers are here, and my Nana is here. You can't beat family for anything in life.

I work for a wholesale house that sells electric, hvac, food svr equipment, plumbing, and high end fixtures. You know that stuff that is soooooooooo pretty, but "oh my don't you dare touch it". We sell it. It is 60 miles one way for us. Fortunately my hubby and I both work for them. He is a dept manager, and I, well I don't know how you would define me, I answer 800 plus calls a day, assist 3 executives, help in marking, co-op, print shop, mail, assist accounting, I like to call it "adult daycare" lol.........just call me the "will you do this" lady I suppose. For the most part I love my job. Other than the "stupid" people who are allowed to use the phone. (I will share lovely stories with you daily I am sure) I think they even have an invisible bus that runs to our business daily dropping off customers and employees alike.

Anyways, enough about that, let's talk about stuff I LOVE!!!
FAMILY, is there anything greater in life than love of a family?? To me the answer would be no. I was raised in a very loving home. Oh don't get me wrong, we wanted to kill one another at times, and still do even though we don't live together, but that is family isn't it??
In my family I have Momma, Daddy Bear, brother Josh (27)/nephew Hunter (3), baby bro Keith (19), a Nanna who lives next door. That is immediate here. I also have Father-n-law, "Poppy", wife Betty, Mother-n-law, Emmy. Granma Bertha. Those are my hubby's immediate plus what I like to call the "4 Aunt M's" Mary, Martha, Mattie, Maymie, one Uncle Les and Aunt Darlene. (All up in IN) He has no siblings. Blessing or curse?

Here at the house it's just us and the pooch Jesse. Like Jesse James of course. Who doesn't have an outlaw dog in KY?

Okay, well that's enough for today. I'm still trying to figure this thing out.