"Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter, and those who matter don't mind." ~~Wisdom from Dr. Seuss:


Every day I keep thinking I am going to blog, but between work, not sleeping from all DH's snoring this week, and just flat out being tired I have managed none.  I find it another Sunday and I am just NOW posting for the week.  It's ok, I'm living a pretty boring life at the moment so there isn't much to tell that would be funny or of interest to you.

I can honestly say that while looking out at work this week seeing this coming down 
That the Kentucky Snow Princess has seen enough, and I am ready for it to go!!  I mean either drop the mother load on us and quit this 4" here and 4" there.  I want a big one so we can be done with Old Man Winter.  So needless to say I have been happy to see the sun the last 3 days. 

Yesterday I took my lovely Momma to breakfast at Cracker Barrel.  I had been craving some of their pancakes with cherries and whip cream.  YUM.  After that we went to Cato's, Two Sisters, and Rudy's something or another, lol.  Anyways, I found this lovely comforter, shams, and bedskirt from JC Penney for $25.  Brand new, still in the bag.  Oh yeah, my Momma does good!!

(I know, doesn't it just set that beautiful wallpaper off???)

On our way home we stopped at another JC Penney outlet type store Granny Sales and I purchased these two lovely black leather chairs for a grand total of $43. 

I know, they don't really match anything I have, or anything I plan to decorate with BUT, I LOVE them. 
And they sit really really good, considering they look like they won't. 

Today after Church the family was over for lunch. 
Baked Spaghetti, tossed salad, french bread along with butter pecan cake and lemon cake.
What can I say, Momma and I got cake crazy. 
I had enough left over to take to the couple next door.
Now as I am blogging, DH is lovingly putting up my newest light fixtures.
3 more to go that we have ready. 

We also have a contractor coming in to start our new guest bath this week.
Here is the before picture.

Ok, now to get caught up on my blog reading! 
Everyone have a great week!!


Weekend Ramblings

Ok, nothing too exciting over the weekend but here is the recap.
Been fighting off this "sickness" I've been feeling all week. 
Woke up during the early morning Friday, chest pain, stomach burning, vomiting, fever.
So I called in sick and took it easy.  
It didn't go away, it only got worse the next two days. 

So while at home Friday, I took these pictures with my phone from the upstairs windows.
yep, we got more snow.

This is from the side door at Aunt Mattie's were I spent the weekend being pampered 
by her and cousin Kat. 

Where Kat made me these AWESOME coconut and lime cupcakes.
There are no words for how awesome they were/are because I'm still eating on them :)

I am feeling somewhat better.
Now I'm just waiting on Friday. 


8 Things about DH

Last night as I was laying in bed, warm and snug as a bug in a rug I was thinking.
(I know, sometimes that is very dangerous.)
I was thinking about DH.  He was still downstairs working on some stuff he had brought home.
I realized it's the little things he does that are sometimes the biggest.

1. He sets the alarm early so he can snuggle me before we have to get ready for work.

2. He lets me have free reign in the morning to get ready and stays out of my way.

3. He goes out and starts the car so that it's warm when I get in.

4. He holds my hand in the car to and from work.

5. He drops me off at the front door and tells me I look pretty, to have a good do and kisses me goodbye.

6. He goes up way before bed and starts the fireplace so it's nice and warm when I go up for bed.

7. He snuggles me in good when he comes to bed, and pets my head until I relax and am sound asleep.

8. We get to start all over again the next morning.

Did I mention how much I love this guy??


Date Night & Shopping All In One Week!

This actually for the most part has been a great week.
With the exception of when I kept telling DH the den smelled funny.  I thought it was something we'd saved from the flood maybe, I mean it was bad.  Come to find out one of his "animal urines" had busted in his hunting stuff, henceforth the horrible smell.  At least we figured it out and got it resolved quickly.  
DH and I had an impromptu date Wednesday night.  We had Chinese and went to see Country Strong
It is the best movie I think I've seen since Walk the Line.  If you're into country music you will like it. 
I fell in love with this guy's singing, he did all his own in the movie.  It is an old country sound
Here is one of my favorite songs he did. 

Today I went shopping with a friend of mine in Lexington.  She loves to scrapbook, so we hit a couple of scrapbook shops, Michaels, the mall and my favorite Hobby Lobby.  
Here are a few things I picked up today.....
At Williams Sonoma a lady gave me a recipe for Pineapple Chicken using this 
Which was on sale today for $1.99.  So I thought what the heck, I'll try it. 
I also bought these lovely items at Hobby Lobby for the house in the 66% off section

I also bought a mirror for my "courting parlor" for half price, 22oz Yankee Candle on sale for $12, 
a new skirt on clearance for $15
2 UK T-Shirts for $6, and Gyros for lunch!! 

Now I'm ready to climb up on the couch and snuggle in with DH for the night. 


The House

As all of you know it's been a long year for us.  I didn't realize how much the flood could effect us.  Nothing has been the same since.  In August it was as if my world turned upside down.  I have barely been functional until now it seems.  Part of it I saw, some of it not.
So many of you have asked me about the new house.  Wanting to know how it is coming.  Asking to see pictures.  We moved in the middle of Sept.  We moved our stuff in.  I told DH that we had just a little time left of fall so let's just get in, and we will buy some furniture, finish hunting season and this winter we will start on the house.  It was livable just a little outdated.
We bought furniture we picked out ourself and loved yet it still didn't feel like home.  It has felt like we've been living in someone else's home while they've been on vacation or something.  For the first time yesterday morning I felt like I was "at home" my home. It was the biggest relief.  I didn't know if it would ever feel that way.  It is still a wreck.  We have started doing some things, but we are realistic it will take time & money!!
So, here is pictures of the inside.  Please excuses messes and hideous wallpaper!  I took all these pictures with my phone so they're not the best.

Yesterday I de-cluttered the pantry.  You couldn't get in it for dishes in the bottom. 
All washed and put away.  Now it's clean and organized!!

Dinning room.  

Yes, this is actual wallpaper in the dining room. Anyone over 70 has loved it.  
Imagine that.  It also has matching curtains, no lie.  
 Standing at the front door.  (Excuse the Christmas stuff needing to be put away on the table)

 I was told this was called "the courting room" in "the day"
 It has a coal fireplace. 

 The picture below is everyones favorite bedroom.  
I think it's the windows.  It has wonderful natural light. 
I have started tearing wallpaper off the other side of the room.
 This room with the hideous paper and teal green carpet is our guest room.
Carpet and paper to be removed soon!! 

 This is our bedroom.  I have pulled the wallpaper off it.  It is a horrible "hospital green" under it.
I can't seem to pick a color for this room, but I'm working on it. 

 gas fireplace DH has recently installed.  It is wonderful, especially on cold mornings.
 Master bathroom.  Yes, that is a blood red, cast iron, claw foot tub. 
 my temporary closet DH says.
 Yes, that is geraniums on that wallpaper.  That is what is currently in the master bath.
 One of my favorite things in the house.  
All original doors and they all have the keys to them.
 Upstairs foyer
 9x12 "walk in closet" that will soon be our new guest bathroom!
 The house is full of these old lights.  They're beautiful.
But they need to go.
 Laundry room with half bath. 
 See where I have been desperately attempting to get the paper off?
 Laundry room light fixture, believe that?  Yes it's all crystal. 

 Front door.  It has a wrap around porch.
 Kitchen pictures

 We removed the 1970's appliances with my black & stainless steel ones.
 DH has just put in the dishwasher.  
Yay!!  I am so glad to have it in.
 The kitchenette here is my Momma's favorite room. 
She has a dozen ideas for it.  I think she wants it for a sitting area.
Right now it is a catch all, and our "put our light fixture/ceiling fans together area"
This room and my kitchen are going to be painted "cabin red"
 This is the "den" as DH calls it.  He lives here when he's not hunting. 
He is the mess on the couch, he's sicky this weekend.  
We are very lucky that the whole house with the exception of the kitchenette and the den have hardwood floors under them.  Below is a picture from the master bedroom or bathroom where we pulled carpet already.
We haven't done anything but pull carpet and wash them and they look this good. 
I don't want to sand them, I really like them as they are.  They have character. 

So there is the nickel tour.  
Any ideas or suggestions?