"Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter, and those who matter don't mind." ~~Wisdom from Dr. Seuss:


Here I Am.........

I can't believe how long it has been since my last post.  Being that at one time I was an every day poster.
So much has transpired in the last year and a half.  I have no idea where to even start!!!

I have been tossing around the idea of blogging again.  I'm not sure if I want to continue at this blog,
Ramblings From the Foothills, or to start fresh.  I don't think I'm the same person who started this so long ago.  So while I am trying to decide I thought I would share some pictures of the last year and a half.
As I showed on my last post, Chickie Monkey was consuming our time.  Now, she will be 3 next month.

Here is DH.  It was a day trip to Augusta.  It's hard to believe I've spent the last 14yrs with this amazing man, I don't know how he has tolerated me, but so blessed he has!!

Here is Chickie Monkey.  She's growing so fast.

Here is my BEAUTIFUL friend Marie, who is a fellow blogger. 
I was blessed enough to go meet her in person in April. 

We also have this new little bundle of joy in our lives
Meet Dandy Andy

More pictures of Chickie Monkey
Chickie mad her first road trip to TX this summer. 

And she sleeps.  She's a little princess that monkey!! 


Oh How Time Flies....

It's amazing to me anymore how much time flies.  Oh yes, when I was younger, "older" people kept saying it would fly by quicker and quicker.  I did not realize how true this would be.  Tonight I was looking for this Dangerous Chocolate Cake Recipe.  It is from one of my earliest post when I started blogging in late 2008.  Who would've thought??  I started reading over several entries and I was in awe of how much has happened in all this time.  It has been over a month since my last post.  At one time I was posting daily, I had days I posted certain things, and so forth.  Now I'm lucky to post once a month?  

Time flies...........Life happens
I've made several friends here.  It has been awkward at times to say, "my friend, well from blog land" but you know, some of these ladies have become dear friends.  Who truly are as much my "life" known friends and more.  I still try to read blogs, but life happens.  

I've met new friends and lost old dear ones.
I've seen new life, and seen lives pass. 
Old homes wash away, new homes created. 

I keep thinking I will post more.
Or I'll start fresh with a whole new blog and ideas but this happened....

She came into our life unexpected.  Now she is the brightest spot. 
The situation is not the best, but we continue to believe God is in control.
So for now I will post when I can post
Read what is going on with everyone else.
but most of all, 
Enjoying Life

Time Flies.......Life Happens before you know it.


No Title

It seems almost impossible that I haven't blogged since Oct 24th, actually it seems longer.
Even harder to believe that Christmas is a week away.
Life has overtook anything I know of online.
It seems between work, work, more work, and everyday life there is no time.
A little gift of joy has entered our life, and is filling our weekends when we're not working.
So this Christmas instead of baking treats and making candy
I sit here taking a much needed rest not doing dirty dishes, or washing clothes but watching
my babies sleep.  In seconds of seeing them I am overwhelmed with love & joy.

They love napping together. 
I love seeing them snuggled.
We have been so blessed by having Chickie Monkey here with us on the weekends.

Wishing all of you a very Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year with your family & friends.


Florida Trip Highlights

So here are some pictures from my all girls trip to FL.
These first few pics were taken the first Saturday on arrival.

Shortly after dinner on the beach, 
the sky grew dark, and the storm blew in from Mexico,
which decided to stay for the next 30hrs.

This is down the beach from Pier 60

We both found new addictions while there.
Kat's just happened to be this Cuban coffee from the 
Havana Cigars & Coffee Lounge

This became my addiction.
Yes, this Gyro is actually as big as the lunch plate it is on.
This lovely Gyro came from Acropol Inn Restaurant

I won't mention that it's less than $6 
I already want one **sigh**

This next picture and the pizza below are from the 
Gondolier Pizza on the beach in Clearwater.

It was our late night spot.  
Open until midnight.

 One day we spent in Tarpon Springs, FL just outside of Dunedin. 
How do you say that again Kat?  Ok, never mind. 
This is a picture from the Sponge Docks.
It is actually really cool down there.  The whole Greek seaside village.
The atmosphere and people are wonderful.
You should definitely try the bakeries.  
Oh they are to die for!!
Ok, so maybe not DIE, but they are pretty darn good.

Here are Kat & I at Crabby Bill's 

 We were able to watch to sun set during dinner.
Which was pretty good. 
Justin was our waiter.  He did a great job.

 The last few hours of my trip, 
spent on this sunny beach
soaking up the sun
the air
the water.

I can't wait to get back and get my toes in the sand!!

Hope you enjoyed the picture trip!


Where do I start?

I can't believe it's almost been 2 months since my last post.
Well sorta.  We had our 1st Housewarming.  It was just an opportunity for our Church, Family & Friends to come see where we are, and the progress we are making on the house.
I know you who  have followed forever (whom I love and adore) know we've been working slowly.
So here are some of the pictures from what we've done.  I FINALLY got our bedroom painted.
Sumatra is the color from Lowe's and we LOVE it.  Yes, it made the room "smaller" looking but warm and cozy.  That is to come later with the rest of the house pictures.
For now I will show you a peek at a couple of other projects I had been working on.

First is a rocking chair my Papaw bought for my Nannie years ago.  He has been gone since I was 6 so, let's just go with this chair has seen it's day.  I LOVE rocking chairs.  They are my passion next to dishes.  So a few years ago, she gave me this chair.  It was eat up, literally by the flood water.  I was almost hopeless, but I thought I would paint it and see what happened.

before pictures
this is how the water had eat up most of the wood.

These aren't the greatest pics.  I took them with my IPhone. 
I think the rocker turned out great! 
If you  notice in the first picture that there is a gold "flowery" looking print on the chair,
it actually bled through the black paint.  
You can barely see it unless the light hits it just right, but it is gorgeous!
(Yes, I did all my paint projects in the master bath, don't ask me why I have no idea)

my WONDERFUL DH painting the kitchenette. 
I have found all the colors I picked at Lowe's this season were Matte's.
Not my favorite, but they are pretty. 

This is my pantry door.
Have I mentioned, I LOVE my Pantry.
Anyways, I got the bright idea to paint the squares inside & out with chalkboard paint.
This allows us to leave notes & messages as needed, 
along with notes & grocery list on the inside.
(disregard the overflowing trash)

So that is just a sneak peek of what's been going on here.
I will try to have DH take some more pictures of the house now that we are moving along with projects.

AND since I am feeling SO generous this evening here are some random pictures of late

My lil "Mini Me"  
My brother swears she looks just like me, I say she looks just like him 
but I'm pretty sure she acts just like me, LOL. 
Don't ya just wanna pinch those cheeks???

This is me acting silly for Cousin Kat.
We were comparing silliness.
(see the goofy resemblance between "Mini Me" and myself?)

Here I am thrilled to be in FL!!

This is me at the housewarming with "Brandywine" 
My partner is most all crimes since 6th grade.
Yeah, let's not get into years here. 

This is my wonderful Aunt Mattie 
She is doing lots of last minute things for the housewarming here.
I couldn't have made it without her & Kat.
And my Momma.  I didn't find any pics of her from the gathering.
Btw, don't you just LOVE the red in the kitchen???

Oh and did I mention I just returned this past Saturday from a girls only vacation to FL?
I have lots of pictures of that trip as well.
Lots of blogging to come. 
Stay tuned!!


I'm here, I know, I know....

I can't believe it's been over a month since my last post.  Of course it feels like it's been more like a year since we were on vacation.  I'm ready to go back to Savannah.  If I can just convince DH that we need to move there.  Oh well until then I still have pictures.

A lot going on here with little DIY projects.  I am really getting into that.  Here are a couple before and after pictures.



These are all taken with my phone so they're not the greatest pictures but you see some of what is going on at my house.  DH has the downstairs utility/bathroom destroyed.  Great ideas for there, and hoping they will pan out.