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Fat, Fat, and Fatter

In Feb the Dr gave me all kinds of bad health news. She told me I needed to go on a diet ASAP. If I could something low carb it would be great for my cholesterol issues. I told her I had actually been thinking of starting a low carb diet because it works so well for me. Of course basically being told do it or die from my arteries being clogged was a great motivator.
At first I was off and running. I wanted to lose 30lbs between Feb 16th and May 9th when my "GF" was getting married in Mobile. I managed 26lbs and hadn't been completely faithful to the diet. I was walking up to 3 miles a day and feeling pretty good. Then all at once it seemed like the world came at me and I was putting it back on. I quit walking because of a pinched nerve. Then out of boredom I started eating whatever.
Now 16lbs is back on and I feel like it's 26 more than I started with!! I desperately need to get it together and do something!!

I'm a fat blob.

I can't stand myself.

Oh, I could stand to lose a 100lbs, but I would be thrilled with 50!! Or at the moment I would settle for 10lbs off just to get me motivated again.

It's clear that I need help! Motivation!!
DH has offered to do it with me. That didn't last long.
It takes so much more out of me to have to coach him, and tell him, "no don't eat that, or you can have this but not that". It takes so much more effort to keeping us both at it, than keeping myself at it. At the same time him not caring what he eats while I'm huffing and puffing it ticks me off. I mean come on, help a sista out here!!

It's B-A-D. I didn't realize how bad until the other day.
When I realized, I don't look in the mirror for a reason.
When I fix my hair, I barely look in the mirror.
I refuse to have my picture taken.

The other down fall is when I get stressed I like to cook. It relaxes me.
Let's just say I am cooking something just about every minute I am awake, trying to find something that "taste good", or is "what I'm craving".
I've baked cookies, and cakes. Fixed pasta, potatoes, and now that summer is here, you can't have fresh garden without cornbread, right?
I think cornbread and sweet tea are a staple for all southern gals.

What is a girl to do?

Post an add in Sunday's paper?

"Looking for Diet Drill Sargent who can handle hard-headed, fat, frumpy, southern gal. Needs to lose a minimum of 50lbs. All candidates apply to reese1025@gmail.com"

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Queen-Size funny bone said...

oh I hear ya. since my husband fell and now has traumatic brain injury I have gained 50m or more pounds dealing with the stress.