"Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter, and those who matter don't mind." ~~Wisdom from Dr. Seuss:


Oh where Oh where has my little blog gone....

Ok, so I have been slacking in the blogging dept.
It's just been so crazy busy around here, and well, I realized I have a life!!
Not that I would rather be in it than blogging, it just doesn't allow me the time.
I'm not married to a Dr, or Lawyer, or anything other occupation that could pay for me to be home, so I am out burning the daylight up too making the nickels and dimes.
When I'm at work I think, "Ok, I am going to blog about this when I get home". Unfortunately like now, I have forgotten, or it doesn't seem as funny.

Tonight I do have to say I feel very blessed.
Although it feels like we are in the eye of the storm, (as was taught on last night at church) I am blessed by wonderful family, and great friends to go through it with.
God is still good, He's still in control and His will, will continue to prevail, no matter what people say or do.

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Queen-Size funny bone said...

Many families are hanging in like the rest of us. Take care of your family and the things that are important. Bloggers will always be here when you come back full thrust.