"Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter, and those who matter don't mind." ~~Wisdom from Dr. Seuss:


Random Update

Ahhhhhh.........for the first time in weeks I can finally sit and try to post.
What a long journey these last 3 months have been.
We are still without a house, but we are getting close.  We have found one we both really like.
The orginal house from an earlier post, someone out bid us, but unfortunately for them, their loan fell thru.
At this time we've found something that is more us probably.
Just a 3 bedroom ranch, but it has a sun/florida room the full length of the back of the house.
We will see soon enough.  The lady who owns it, is moving out, so we would be able to move in quickly.

Finally getting adjusted to the new job at work.  I like it a lot better than where I was.  Of course it has things that I miss from the old one, but I love the lady I work with and sometimes that is ALOT!!
I am sure when I get back in a routine you will be hearing more about Ms Linda.

Since the post in July I have started making a lot of changes within myself.  Something just woke up in me I guess, and decided I didn't want to be that way anymore.  Oh, I know I can't change everything, but attitude is so much of how we are.  Mine had gone sour, and then some.  I just decided it was time to be me.
I have to be honest and say that some do not like the changes.  Although they are not drastic, it is hard on people when you no longer let them control you.  Be it what you do, how you act, how you respond, or what you are.  Everyday I get up with a smile, and there it is.  Everyone else can get over it, lol.
Life is too short not to enjoy it.  I am only 33 and it's time I start acting and looking it.  Not 80.  (No offense to anyone 80 or over, I'm just not there yet)  You have two choices in life, hang on to things, or let them go.  Sometimes you can't survive unless you let them go.  I couldn't remember a time in my life I hadn't been an adult.  My Momma will even tell you she's talked to me like one since I was 3. 

Yesterday I went to see my new OB/GYN again.  Mrs. Smith just hasn't wanted to leave since about June.
He did two ultrasounds yesterday and scheduled me for a little exploratory surgery and D & C today.
I guess we have finally found the cause of my miscarrying so much.  I have two uteruses.  One is smaller than the other of course, but it still causes my pregnancy to be short.  Good to know after all this time, right?
My Momma is relieved.  Me I am no longer sure.  I wanted a baby for so long.  Now I have to ask was it me who wanted it, or did I want it for Dave and Momma?  I don't know anymore.  I don't know if it's the roller coaster I've been on for so long that I decided to take a break from, or if I truly don't want any.
I do have 2 younger brothers, a dog, and a DH, do I need the extra?? lol.
Ok, so maybe that wasn't too funny, but honestly.  It's something to think about for now.
Whatever God's plan is, is what I'll go with.  For now, until everything is resolved, I'm going on the pill to help regulate, and see about reconstructive surgery. 

Whew, that was a lot today!!
Now I am going to try and get caught up on all of you!!!

Maybe next week, I will get back into my normal weekly routine.


I just realized my blogging is getting shorter, and the amount of time I am taking for it the same.
I can't find the time to breathe right now it seems let alone blog.
I could update, but there is too much to tell.
I can't catch up with everyone elses blogs, because the thingy is so full!!!
I will though, eventually.