"Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter, and those who matter don't mind." ~~Wisdom from Dr. Seuss:


Week of Flashback

I didn't have much chance to blog about the past week or so.
I just got home from a dr's appt where I was so unimpressed.
Use to it annoyed me how people stereotyped people from Ky.
Today sitting in the dr's office waiting room I know why they do.
A young boy, with his Mom, & his dog.

He managed to consume 4 pkgs of reese cups, a bag of gum drops
and a bag of gummy bears in less than 10mins while his Mom slept.
Then his dog perched itself on "mother's" foot and relieved it's self.
Seriously, when did it become ok to bring your dogs to the dr's office??

So we celebrated Nan's 80th Birthday.
She received 97 cards from family and friends.

We had a wonderful lemon & strawberry cake with lemon curd filling
and strawberry butter cream icing.  All made from scratch by yours truly 
Yes, it was delicious!! 

DH also was able to get a turkey the first day of season this year.
I am so thankful so that I don't have to hear it :)
Although he says he could still get another one. 

I have also applied for a new position at work. 
I'm kind of unsure about it, but I guess we will see what happens this week.
We are down til 24 day until we leave out for our missions trip to Norway
to be with Bro & Sis Speer.  We can't wait to see all this
I also received some updated pictures of our God Children I guess you could say.
These are their pictures with their cousins, and their Mom & Dad from Easter.

I just can't believe how big they're getting!!
Time does fly.


Marie said...

The dog peed in the office?!! Did I read that right? What is with people?!!!

Happy birthday to your nan! That's a wonderful milestone...and that cake! You go!!

Glad your hubs got a turkey...my dad whined all of deer season. They can be such crybabies.

Good luck at work!

And those kids are adorable!

OK, I'm done now :o)

tammy said...

The doctor's office? Oh my gosh. That is just not right.

Cute kiddos!

Becky said...

Made from scratch cakes are the best. Oh Yum...I can almost taste it just looking at that picture:)