"Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter, and those who matter don't mind." ~~Wisdom from Dr. Seuss:


Here I Am

It has been 19 days.
Today is the first day I have seen some sunlight.
The fog is slowly taking it's time lifting.
I guess I realized I have to pull myself together and keep going.
God has, and will sustain me.
This time has been much more difficult.
I haven't felt the normal guilt of "I didn't do enough" or "I should have done ...."
The grief has been tremendous for me & DH both.

I will NOT be discouraged.  I will NOT scream "Why ME?"
I will NOT be mad.  (Because people say stupid inappropriate things)
I will NOT be bitter because this precious baby made #8.
GOD is still in CONTROL!!!

36 Days until our big trip on the bird
We are really excited to be with Bro & Sis Speer.
Before we go our days are jammed packed.
Nan's 80th Birthday is Tuesday the 20th.
Our 9th Wedding Anniversary on the 28th of April
The UPC Ladies Retreat Weekend.
Where I get to hear someone who can encourage me
like this lady did many times in her life.
Thank You Sis Nona for your Life of Service to the Lord.
Mother's Day.
My most dreaded Holiday of the year.
Imagine why.
(Seriously, I have to ask.  Just because all my babies reside in Heaven with Jesus
that doesn't make me any less a Momma does it?
Then don't treat me like it or go feeling all sorry for me)
Sorry, it's a peeve of mine.

Then there is the 4 day

Thursday thru Sat 7am to 7pm.
I think we are on overload!!
Then the next Thursday, LIFT OFF!!
Ok, so now I'm kinda sorta back to my blogging.
Hope I didn't bore you to death.
What has been going on in the blog world?


Taylor said...

You really do have a busy schedule! I really hope you enjoy every minute of your vacation.

I'm glad the fog is starting to lift. Your strength is inspirational.

Mattie said...

...Just waiting for your return. Thanks for sharing yourself.


Becky said...

Oh Maria, I really must be out of the loop! I am so sorry to hear of your loss. My sweet friend, I am so very sorry. I am so glad that the fog is lifting and that there are things to look forward to. You must be a very strong lady:)

And of course Mother's Day is a big Day for you! What a ruckus you must cause in heaven!