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Snow Day

Snow days, aren't they just the best?? I mean, even if you have to drag yourself out of bed, putt putt to work. They are wonderful!! I love a fresh snow. Nothing can put you more in the Christmas mood. Here we are, less than 10 days until Christmas, and I still have no Christmas tree. How is that possible?? I was so gung ho earlier, and somewhere it fizzled. Probably about the time I got the 9ft one finally together at work.
I am currently doing some more Christmas baking. We are having our dept party on Friday. I am in the process of baking my Jam Cake, and making Peppermint Patties. Luckily I already have my peanut butter balls, and coconut balls done. Yeah!! I did whip up a batch of snickerdoodles, but Hubby has them almost all gone.

Funny story from work today, but my timer just went off. Maybe I will come back later and post, or tomorrow.

Toodles for now!!

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Jennifer Springer said...

I think I need your peppermint patties recipe (if you don't mind). Dru & I tried to make it one time and it was way too soft...it was Marsha's recipe....not sure what we did wrong, but I LOVE those things!