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Christmas Eve Eve

It's Christmas Eve, Eve. I didn't even realize it!! I asked hubby a few mins ago, "..is tomorrow Christmas Eve??" Wow, I have made it through the whole season as a Scrooge. I have not pulled out the first Christmas attire, put up the first Christmas decoration. I went to Walmart before the "crowd" arrived today. I looked a fresh tree for $15, I though WOW $15, I guess being today is the 23rd, they would be cheap. I should be ashamed, but for some reason, I am not. I finished all my wrapping today. I have a gift for everyone, except my father in law, and that was hubby's problem. Guess what, it probably has became mine tonight, still no gift. **sighs***
I hate that I have become a Scrooge. I had the best of intentions this year. Then tonight while working on my cheeseballs, I realized I was forgetting the real reason of the season. Christ. HE is the true reason of the Season. I started thinking of how blessed I have been this year. I had a major healing in my bladder and kidneys in Sept. That only God himself could have done.
My husband and I both still have jobs, even though they are hard to come by.
We have a home that is paid for, maybe it's not the biggest, or best in the world, but it is a "home" not just a "house". It is full of love, and happiness. I have a wonderful family, who are all healthy, safe, and annoying, and loving as always.
We have a wonderful Church, Church Family and Pastor who we have been blessed with.
I don't know as though I could ask for more, other than another year of the same.

I hope you and yours has a very Merry Christmas, and are reminded of the true reason for the season.

God Bless You

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Jennifer Springer said...

Hope you guys had a great Christmas!!!