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Another Saturday.....

I'm sitting in the recliner, looking at my Christmas tree (yes, obviously it's still up) thinking, I should take you down, but you are oh so pretty and I'm going to miss seeing you.  I should be doing laundry, and cleaning house, since I am ashamed to admit I have not touched since Christmas pretty much.  Hey, the road trip to Memphis last weekend took up some of my time, don't judge lol.  
It was a long night, DH had a horrible flare up of gout and let's just say between his foot and the fever, I've seen more open eye than shut eye.  We had prayer here, but I called Momma & Dad about 12:30 for some back up. His fever has been so high during the night I was afraid to sleep.  He is on the couch resting comfortably and sleeping like a log.  I know this because I set off the fire alarm (don't ask) and I could hear him snoring over it.  It's a shame our fireplace is gas because he definitely could supply some logs this morning. 
It smells wonderful in the house where I made buttermilk biscuits and homemade fried apples.  (No, I didn't burn either of them to set the alarm off.)  It's still snowing here.  It snowed off and on all day yesterday but around 9 last night the roads started getting bad.  It's beautiful outside now.  I took some pictures.  Still have no clue how to get them on my new laptop.  I can blog, facebook, and add music to my IPhone that is my talents on it.  Yeah, I should probably learn.
I'm thinking today is going to be another lazy Saturday.  Maybe I'll breakdown and learn to load pictures on this?  I will keep you posted.  Maybe I can post some pictures later. 



~Kat~ said...

Sounds like he got worse after we finished chatting last night. I hope he's doing better this morning. Wasn't aware that fever can go along with it. I'm sending prayers for you both today.

As for those pictures you've been taking of the beautiful snow down there...learn how to load them onto your laptop because I, for one, would like to see them!

Lots of Love,

Erin said...

Sorry your husband isn't doing well! I hope he gets better soon.

I really should be getting stuff done too. Instead, I'm on the computer :)

Marie said...

I hope your husband is feeling better!

My laundry hamper is over flowing too, lol. I did manage to get my Christmas stuff taken down...but I refuse to stop burning my Christmas scented candles!!

Enjoy what's left of your lazy Saturday!