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The House

As all of you know it's been a long year for us.  I didn't realize how much the flood could effect us.  Nothing has been the same since.  In August it was as if my world turned upside down.  I have barely been functional until now it seems.  Part of it I saw, some of it not.
So many of you have asked me about the new house.  Wanting to know how it is coming.  Asking to see pictures.  We moved in the middle of Sept.  We moved our stuff in.  I told DH that we had just a little time left of fall so let's just get in, and we will buy some furniture, finish hunting season and this winter we will start on the house.  It was livable just a little outdated.
We bought furniture we picked out ourself and loved yet it still didn't feel like home.  It has felt like we've been living in someone else's home while they've been on vacation or something.  For the first time yesterday morning I felt like I was "at home" my home. It was the biggest relief.  I didn't know if it would ever feel that way.  It is still a wreck.  We have started doing some things, but we are realistic it will take time & money!!
So, here is pictures of the inside.  Please excuses messes and hideous wallpaper!  I took all these pictures with my phone so they're not the best.

Yesterday I de-cluttered the pantry.  You couldn't get in it for dishes in the bottom. 
All washed and put away.  Now it's clean and organized!!

Dinning room.  

Yes, this is actual wallpaper in the dining room. Anyone over 70 has loved it.  
Imagine that.  It also has matching curtains, no lie.  
 Standing at the front door.  (Excuse the Christmas stuff needing to be put away on the table)

 I was told this was called "the courting room" in "the day"
 It has a coal fireplace. 

 The picture below is everyones favorite bedroom.  
I think it's the windows.  It has wonderful natural light. 
I have started tearing wallpaper off the other side of the room.
 This room with the hideous paper and teal green carpet is our guest room.
Carpet and paper to be removed soon!! 

 This is our bedroom.  I have pulled the wallpaper off it.  It is a horrible "hospital green" under it.
I can't seem to pick a color for this room, but I'm working on it. 

 gas fireplace DH has recently installed.  It is wonderful, especially on cold mornings.
 Master bathroom.  Yes, that is a blood red, cast iron, claw foot tub. 
 my temporary closet DH says.
 Yes, that is geraniums on that wallpaper.  That is what is currently in the master bath.
 One of my favorite things in the house.  
All original doors and they all have the keys to them.
 Upstairs foyer
 9x12 "walk in closet" that will soon be our new guest bathroom!
 The house is full of these old lights.  They're beautiful.
But they need to go.
 Laundry room with half bath. 
 See where I have been desperately attempting to get the paper off?
 Laundry room light fixture, believe that?  Yes it's all crystal. 

 Front door.  It has a wrap around porch.
 Kitchen pictures

 We removed the 1970's appliances with my black & stainless steel ones.
 DH has just put in the dishwasher.  
Yay!!  I am so glad to have it in.
 The kitchenette here is my Momma's favorite room. 
She has a dozen ideas for it.  I think she wants it for a sitting area.
Right now it is a catch all, and our "put our light fixture/ceiling fans together area"
This room and my kitchen are going to be painted "cabin red"
 This is the "den" as DH calls it.  He lives here when he's not hunting. 
He is the mess on the couch, he's sicky this weekend.  
We are very lucky that the whole house with the exception of the kitchenette and the den have hardwood floors under them.  Below is a picture from the master bedroom or bathroom where we pulled carpet already.
We haven't done anything but pull carpet and wash them and they look this good. 
I don't want to sand them, I really like them as they are.  They have character. 

So there is the nickel tour.  
Any ideas or suggestions?


Taylor said...

Your house has such character and charm! I love the older homes. I can't wait to see some pics once you update it, it's going to be gorgeous!

Mc Allen said...

omgosh, I was seriously going to say what Talor said. Your home is awesome. Theres soooo many wonderful things about it. I LOVE that tub! Im so glad its feeling like home, thats so important & it wont be long till its jus the way ya want it!! xxoo LA

Marilyn said...

I love the house, and I even LOVE the wallpaper : )

Queen-Size funny bone said...

Well first of all Welcome Home. I love the house just as it is. The old time charm is warm. My favorite is the bathroom with the clawed tub. May you make new wonderful moments in your new home.

Marie said...

Wow! I'm in love with your house!!!

Sarah said...

Your home has great potential!!! The wall paper is over whelming but that is a fix that can change over time. I love it though!!!! If I were you I would check out http://www.diynetwork.com/

I love this site. Not that I own a home right now since we are all over.

Pedaling said...

I really like your home. It has a lot of charm. Looks like you're gonna be busy for awhile--but in the meantime, enjoy your space. The pantry looks fantastic...oh, those floors,mmmmm. Thanks for the little tour.

Pedaling said...

I really like your home. It has a lot of charm. Looks like you're gonna be busy for awhile--but in the meantime, enjoy your space. The pantry looks fantastic...oh, those floors,mmmmm. Thanks for the little tour.