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Memphis & New Years

With the year we've had DH and I we decided to treat ourself to a weekend getaway in Memphis for New Years.  We hadn't been since we went to see the adoption agency 2 years ago.
There is too much to tell on this weekend, so I will give you the highlights.  If you follow me on facebook you will see we "ate" are way through Tennessee.
After work on Thursday we drove 3hrs and had supper with some great friends of ours in Bowling Green
They are such a great couple!!  Love them to pieces!
(sorry Tammy I had to steal/borrow this pic :p )
Tammy & Danny

The next morning we were on way.  We wanted to stop at Mason TN to have BBQ at our favorite place
Bozo's Hot Pit BBQ .  This is where part of the movie "Walk the Line" was filmed.  The part where Johnny Cash and June Carter Cash were in the "diner" is the actually Bozo's.  Hard Rock Cafe bought them out a year or more ago, but I am pleased to say has not taken over and changed things, the original is the same, same people working there. 

DH's cousin and I are texting while we are eating, he says I HAVE to try Gus's Famous Chicken while we are in Memphis.  I said ok, the original location is right up from Bozo's.  So after we literally stuffed ourselves until we couldn't breathe, we went up the street and got fried chicken.  By far the best you could ever stick in your mouth.  

On to Memphis we went.  We ended up eating the chicken for breakfast the next morning.  It was as good cold as it was hot.  After arriving in Memphis we checked in and rested up.  New Years Eve we went down to Beale St to Mr. Handy's Blues Hall it was an experience since it is one of the oldest clubs left.
We also had Miss Polly's Chicken & Waffles the next morning.  The guy outside was the best. 
Later in the day after going to the Peabody to see the duck march we headed on out to Nashville.  If you have never been to the Peabody, Grand Hotel of the South, you NEED to go while in Memphis.
The duck march it's self is worth the stop.
(Of course we had to go into Bass Pro for DH)
In Nashville we took it easy.  We went down to Broadway to of course, EAT but it was closed, for the exception of all the honky tonks.  At which point I told DH I was way too old to even be down there on a Saturday night.  On the way back we looked for a couple of BBQ joints, everything was closed because it was New Years Day, except, which was less than half a mile from our hotel, 
Neely's Memphis BBQ, you might have seen this lovely couple on the Food Network?
Whew, we had to roll back to our room after that one.  I was never so glad to see home last night.
Of course my body did NOT like seeing the scales this morning. 
Unbelievably I only gained 4lbs.  So I wasn't too upset considering what ALL we ate.
It's a new year, I have plenty of time to lose that 4lbs.

Oh, I forgot to mention desserts.
We had lemon icebox pie at Bozo's
Pecan Pie at Gus's Famous Chicken
Peach Cobbler at Neely's
If you have never experienced Sheridan's (we became great fans while living in Kansas City)
you have to try their seasonal concretes.  Lucky for me it was "Candy Cane Pot Hole"
If you're not hungry, you sure are missing a good opportunity!! 
Hope everyone had a Safe & Happy New Year and may your New Year Be Prosperous!!


Marie said...

Oh man, I need to get to these places! It's not even 8 am and I'm drooling!! Sounds like you had a great get a way, girl! :o)

Queen-Size funny bone said...

lemon icebox pie sounds interesting. now I'm craving lemon.

Taylor said...

Happy New Year!

So glad you had a great time. I am drooling over here LOL.