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My Dream Beach House

This is one of my "dream" beach houses. I won't go into how much it is, but let's just say the lot alone is 400k, before any house. I guess that makes it a dream huh?

Back to the flip flop thingy. Ok, I love flip flops for myself, not that I think they make me look "hot" like I do my Hubby, just I love flip flops. I have some for the yard, for certain outfits, for work, for the beach, get the picture??
Ok, so I got these great rebok flip flops 2yrs ago. They are my beach flip flops. I loved them. Of course I don't know why they were for the beach, I always go barefooted there, but never the less. I ask DH as I am shelling the beach, if he could carry them because my hands are getting full fast of shells. "Of course baby" was his response. I willingly hand him over my favorite flip flops for the safest care. An hour and a half later we are leaving. We get almost to the car, and I say, "Babe, can I have my flip flops now?"
Of course you know what happened. He lost a pair of white flip flops on a white sand beach. ***Sigh*** Then asked "Do you want me to go look for it?" Aaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!! We had walked almost 2hrs, on a white sand beach, never in the same spot twice, and he wanted to go look for it. Ok, is it just me or is that crazy???
As sad as I was, I realized, I get to buy a new pair of flip flops!! All is well.


Queen-Size funny bone said...

I'd have about 5 pairs in different colors.

Erin said...

That beach house is beautiful. It has been WAY too long since I have been near the ocean. Sigh.

Have fun shopping for new flip flops!