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My Last Day

Do you know how to spell relief?? I remember this commercial from when I was a kid. Of course as a kid, we had other words we opted instead of the original commercial. I remember once getting myself into a heap of trouble for a word I replaced it with, my Mom was MAD.

Today I am thikning what relief is and what form. I am thrilled and on cloud nine and my day hasn't really got too far started yet. Today is the reception here for the newlyweds. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE THEM!! It's just this whole "party" stuff that has become a drag. Drama, drama, drama. Did I mention drama??
In 12hr quick hours it will all be done.

The cake arrives this morning
We start decorating at 3
Party starts at 6-8
We should be done and cleaned up by 9

Yesterday alone I made 72 sandwiches, a pineapple cheeseball, a beef cheeseball, a double batch of spinach dip, whipped up some base for punch and went to wally world on a Friday!!! EEEEEkkkkkssssssssss!!
Not to mention all the laundry I had piled up from our trip. By the way, how is it two people can use so much clothing??

Wish me luck today. I won't get to see Frankie until probably at least Christmas.
She and James will leave back for AL in the morning.

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