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Last Night

Ok, I have no idea why, but this has been my favorite picture I took the whole trip. I guess because I hate having my picture taken,but it's still a great picture of Dave and me. I took it while at Ft. Morgan waiting on the ferry back.

Tonight is our last night on Dauphin Island. :(
Then tomorrow it is a 12hr drive back to the "real world".
I am not excited to go home, even though I have been sick since leaving Friday.
We just came in from the beach. There is a thunderstorm blowing in.
Odd but I am kind of excited about having a thunder boomer on the island.
Today, we took the ferry over to Ft. Morgan, then drove through Gulf Shores, Orange Beach, and on to Pensacola. It was a great day. We met up with some friends in Orange Beach, (who were staying at Gulf Shores) We ate at Bubba's Seafood. It was pretty good, but nothing compared to the delicious meal of last night.
We we got back to Dauphin Inn, more guest had shown up. There are several guys here from Fishing Sport taping a fishing show this week here. My hubby could have been in "7th Heaven" listening to them, but I thought he should spend the evening with me, lol. Imagine!! He came willingly, but he might not be so willing to come home after breakfast in the morning.

Ok, that's it, we're gonna go to the dock and watch the storm blow in. Have a great one!!

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