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Greetings From Dauphin Island!!!

Goodmorning Everyone!! I am on the beautiful island of Dauphin. It is still AL, Hubby and I are down here at a bed & breakfast on the bay. We have spent the last two days playing and frolicing in the sand. It has been wonderful!! We survived the 90 degree wedding that lasted way longer than it should. As well as all the drama that went on. (I will save that crazy story for when we get home) Today we are getting ready to take the ferry over to Gulf Shores, then onto Pensacola for the day, then ferry back to the island for the night. We ate last night at Barnicle Bill's here on the island. It was some GREAT seafood. Even worth the hour wait on it. Ok, Hubby is rushing me, lol. I have attached a pic of us POST FRANKIE/JAMES Wedding, and a couple from here on the island.

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Queen-Size funny bone said...

very nice, glad you are having a good time.