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Recipe Tuesday on Wednesday

Ok, ok, with all the hustle and bustle of this week, I completely forgot about the dessert recipe for Tuesday. Who wants to think about dessert anyways, when you are doing a low carb diet? Well this one will be short and sweet.

See that beautiful lushes cake with the ice cream, drizzled with hot fudge and caramel sauce? That is my recipe for today. This cake is to absolutely die for!!!
So here it is:

Get your Hubby/Sweetie/Best Girlie Friend and head on down to the nearest Cheddar's Restaurant. Ask to sit near the fireplace. Order a big cup of coffee and a the Chocolate Fudge Cake for $3.99. Yup, you heard me correct this piece of cake is $3.99 and I do have to say, I think it is the best chocolate cake I have ever ate.
This cake could feed up to 4, since it covers a whole dinner plate. (I do not exaggerate when it comes to cake people, especially chocolate) Hubby and I usually can eat it by our self, if we box up half of our meal. Now when "Mrs. Smith" comes to visit, I have this nice piece of cake after I have an order of their onion rings, yummy!!

Locate your nearest Cheddars at www.cheddars.com

Ok, that's it tonight. Hubby got home early. Gonna go snuggle on the couch with him. Tomorrow we talk about diets, lol.

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