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I Need Help!!!

So here is the skinny.

My cholesterol is OUT OF SITE, let's just say it's over 400.
My triglycerides well, they are even WORSE are over 840.
Needless to say, Doc suggested I go on a low-carb diet.

So here I am, at 32
Freaking out over dying, lol.
Not really worrying over dying. It's just that well,
My Dad had his first quadruple bypass when he was 39. He had a heart attack and died at the age of 44.
So I have realized that no matter if I get these numbers down, that I will be battling with this the rest of my life.
I have it on both sides of the family too.
My Papaw died at a very young age of a heart attack.
My Nannie has all kinds of heart problems and has had surgery as well.
Of course I wouldn't have inherited any good lucks, boobs, or petitness that I could have enjoyed!! C'est la vie.

Anyways, so now I am on low-carb diet, 7th day. Yeah!! I am through the first week. I would like to lose 25lbs by May 9th. (which is when the wedding is down south) I would love to lose a total of 60lbs minimum, and if I could find it in me, I would like to lose at a grand total of 85lbs. I would be thrilled with 40 though, lol. I haven't weighed or anything yet. I will keep ya posted.

Please keep me in your prayers that I can keep up.
Any low carb recipes, snacks, etc let me know.
I am dying for something chocolate!!! Why is when you start a diet, it never fails "Mrs. Smith" comes for her monthly visit?

Oh well, I gotta go get ready for Church.
Hope you all are having a great weekend!!

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Indiana Angel said...

Oh my goodness!! Those are some scary #s for sure. I don't have any low carb diet advice. I do however have some BTDT advice. My husband has high cholesterol, high blood pressure and was diagnosed nearly 2 years ago with Type 2 Diabetes. His mom had cholesterol levels very much like yours and had a quadruple bypass in 1986. His 3 siblings all had high cholesterol and hbp. His dad didn't have high cholesterol, but did have heart problems and died in 1993. His brother died at the age of 42 in 2006 from heart disease. So that fear you're feeling right now is something we live with every day as well. My best advice is to take things a little at a time, make small changes you can live with forever and exercise. I wish you the absolute best and hope the diet works to get those numbers down!