"Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter, and those who matter don't mind." ~~Wisdom from Dr. Seuss:


How was every ones Valentines Weekend???

We had a great time here!!
B & I had a great girls night with the spa thing.
We were all relaxed and pretty for when the guys took us out Saturday.
We went to Shelbyville to Claudia Sanders.
If you are even in that neck of the woods, you should try it out.

Hubby's gone on business in Atlanta.
Corporate is here this week, which means stress for me.
I haven't eat, can barely sleep, yet I am so tired.

I'm still steaming over the 20/20 episode B and I watched Friday night.
It was talking about people from the mountains of Eastern KY.
There is not a soap box big enough for me to stand on for what I have to say about that.
When they do these shows, I think they go looking for the worst people available.
If they weren't missing all their teeth, on drugs, drawing a check, or a few other things, they weren't on there. They didn't focus on the 18yr old who started in the coal mines at $60,000 s year. They would rather focus on people who have no teeth because of "Mt Dew Mouth" caused by the inability to afford milk, so just give your babies Mt Dew. Not everyone here is looking for a hand out. ****sighs****
The media needs to be shut down. They always tell what they want of a story, not the WHOLE STORY. Please don't get me wrong, we do have people who are having a hard time surviving, who have bad health, using drugs, among other things, but is there a state that isn't???
Sorry, I could go on and on. I was just surprised with someone being from KY their self, I wouldn't have ran everyone else down.

Tell me what you think. I also want to know what everyone did for V-Day.

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Mrs Parks said...

I need to go find that segment, I hear lots of people talking about it.. Diane Sawyer?
Bad news is always more profitable than good news...