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Watch Out For Those Salt Trucks

So we had a little ice yesterday morning that prevented travel to work. Last night after all the rain/sleet, the road looked wet so I thought I would give it a whirl. I at least waited til day light. Yesterday they didn't even clean our road until 4:30pm. Anyways, I attempted it. I got about 10 miles down the road, in a blind curve, and what happens?? A salt truck almost runs the guy in the other lane over, he swerves at me, I swerve to miss him, lol. Fun fun in the ditch we come!!! Was it really the salt trucks fault? I mean he was flying on an icy road. But did the guy have to swerve at me?? Well at least the salt truck guy was nice enough to pull us both out of the ditch. That saved me minimum $50 for a tow out, and cost a days pay. I guess in the broad spectrum of things, it worked out. Now for another boring day at home. I can't sit still long enough to get into a good book, house is clean since Hubby is on a work trip. (He called at 7, they have 10inches plus of the good white stuff and it's still coming down there). It amazes me how much cleaner the house stays, and laundry done up while he's gone. I guess I should quit thinking of being bored, and as a vacation. No hubby, so no required cooking, cleaning, or laundry. The bed ALL to myself, I can watch what I want, read as long as I want, take a long bubble bath. Yet I am lonely here alone. I guess he is worth all the other stuff!!

Well I hope wherever you are you have electric and are staying warm with the ones you love!!

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