"Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter, and those who matter don't mind." ~~Wisdom from Dr. Seuss:


Is this my life??

I'm in my car driving home tonight. I am looking at all the snow, ice and fallen trees. It's a beautiful sight. With a 60mile car ride one way, it gives me way too much time to think sometimes. So here is today's rambling for ya.

I grew up in this small town in East KY. Born and raised. We did have family vacations so I had the opportunity to see alot of the US. Unlike a lot of people of this area, who think that Lexington is another country. (Please don't think bad of me, it's true, and I'm not doing this to be mean, please read on and you will see)

So, I start my life as an adult too early, marrying at the young age of 18yrs, and still in high school. No, I wasn't "in the way" as some probably suspected, but thought I was "in love". Before my 21st birthday I was divorced.

2yrs later I met my Hubby, and 2yrs after that we were married. Now he then is what I thought was a "big" city. Being from Bloomington IN. (Ok, so I was wrong, but it was like 10times bigger than my town) So I moved there and married him. I soon moved "up" in the world and was able to obtain my "dream job" being a pharmaceutical rep. I was moved to Kansas City MO where I was able to live in a "BIG" city.

Let me just say, I LOVED KC!!! Everything about it, except the traffic jams when we lived close to the stadiums. I loved being able to get something to eat 24/7. To catch a movie anytime of the day, and see anything I would want to see. There was always something to do, some place to go. (If you ever need a list of "things to do while in Kansas City" please let me know I can hook ya up. We also made some wonderful, wonderful friends there who we think of as family.
After my uncle passed away here, and Nannie became sick, Hubby's Grandma's health started to decline, we decided we needed to be closer. So we loaded up the truck and we moved to Ole Ky. At the time it felt as though I was moving to where the Beverly Hillbillies came from. I felt devastated to give all that up. An awesome job, a beautiful home, freedom to do things, etc.

Then tonight driving home I realized, I am happy. I am happy here and love my normal, boring, simple life. Oh there is always drama, between work, and my brother (that is for another day). I love being right where I am. I love the beauty of the area. I love that people aren't interested in "keeping up with the Jones'" well there are some, but not like big areas. People here are loving and kind. They are often times like family, I can talk about you, but don't let an outsider, lol.
I think it is awesome that I have friends who I have known since grade school. I'm not talking about "acquaintances", I'm talking about friends who even if you go days, weeks, or months without talking, if you call them or they hear you need something, they are always there.

I am blessed to have watched my baby brother finish school, his proms, and now watch him become an outstanding young man in college. I have been able to spend time with Nannie I would not give all the money in the world for. I get all four seasons in the mnts here.

Tonight on the way home, as I was looking around I realized how much I love this area, and it's people. I know if you are from the "city" life you don't understand. People are different here. It reminds me of Mayberry sometimes. They roll up the streets when the sun goes down. It is an area where they still show respect and support to the community. To one another. It makes me feel something I don't even know how to express.

Both worlds fit me, but I love this one more. It made me think of the movie "Sweet Home Alabama". If you have not seen it, get it. It's hilarious, but it does remind me of my life.

Ok, that's my ramble for today!!

P.S. If it's illegal to post this pic of sweet home, I'm sorry. lol


Mc Allen said...

this was a really great post and it totally made me miss home!! I just love your header pic too!! LA

Hot Tub Lizzy said...

I think I'm the same way - I love living in small towns, and I love being in big cities...

I would like to thank you for getting the song "Everything's Up-to-date in Kansas city from Oklahoma stuck in my head....