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Decorative No No's!!

As I am here at work this Saturday morning, I started doing some cleaning around my area. I thought I would share with you how bad it is. I work for a great place, and the people here are great! (Ok, well most days I feel that way) There is one exception.....The company it's self is almost 100yrs old. A great family owned place. They built the building we are in somewhere around 1981 or 82 I believe. I am guessing men did the decor, check out the "wall hangings" at my desk.

Now tell me, does it get much worse than this??? I have begged, pleaded, tried to GIVE them away with no avail. **sigh*** The CEO and a former President of the company caught these two delightful catches. I'm guessing their wives said "No Way!" to having them hung in their house, so I was the lucky one. I have even done not so nice things to the fishies. I decorate them like "Christmas Fish" at Christmas time (tree decor, santa hat anything atrocious I can actually think of). The girls dress them like "Birthday Fish" on my birthday (hats, streamers, balloons)
Hoping someone will have mercy on me and take them out.

Tell me what you think of my "fish" or any suggestions on how to make them disappear!!


Hot Tub Lizzy said...

I think it's highly plausible that someone would break in and steal ONLY THOSE FISH...

Don't you?

Suzie said...

Put a hat on it and maybe a fake nose then no one will know they are fish