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Where do I start?

I can't believe it's almost been 2 months since my last post.
Well sorta.  We had our 1st Housewarming.  It was just an opportunity for our Church, Family & Friends to come see where we are, and the progress we are making on the house.
I know you who  have followed forever (whom I love and adore) know we've been working slowly.
So here are some of the pictures from what we've done.  I FINALLY got our bedroom painted.
Sumatra is the color from Lowe's and we LOVE it.  Yes, it made the room "smaller" looking but warm and cozy.  That is to come later with the rest of the house pictures.
For now I will show you a peek at a couple of other projects I had been working on.

First is a rocking chair my Papaw bought for my Nannie years ago.  He has been gone since I was 6 so, let's just go with this chair has seen it's day.  I LOVE rocking chairs.  They are my passion next to dishes.  So a few years ago, she gave me this chair.  It was eat up, literally by the flood water.  I was almost hopeless, but I thought I would paint it and see what happened.

before pictures
this is how the water had eat up most of the wood.

These aren't the greatest pics.  I took them with my IPhone. 
I think the rocker turned out great! 
If you  notice in the first picture that there is a gold "flowery" looking print on the chair,
it actually bled through the black paint.  
You can barely see it unless the light hits it just right, but it is gorgeous!
(Yes, I did all my paint projects in the master bath, don't ask me why I have no idea)

my WONDERFUL DH painting the kitchenette. 
I have found all the colors I picked at Lowe's this season were Matte's.
Not my favorite, but they are pretty. 

This is my pantry door.
Have I mentioned, I LOVE my Pantry.
Anyways, I got the bright idea to paint the squares inside & out with chalkboard paint.
This allows us to leave notes & messages as needed, 
along with notes & grocery list on the inside.
(disregard the overflowing trash)

So that is just a sneak peek of what's been going on here.
I will try to have DH take some more pictures of the house now that we are moving along with projects.

AND since I am feeling SO generous this evening here are some random pictures of late

My lil "Mini Me"  
My brother swears she looks just like me, I say she looks just like him 
but I'm pretty sure she acts just like me, LOL. 
Don't ya just wanna pinch those cheeks???

This is me acting silly for Cousin Kat.
We were comparing silliness.
(see the goofy resemblance between "Mini Me" and myself?)

Here I am thrilled to be in FL!!

This is me at the housewarming with "Brandywine" 
My partner is most all crimes since 6th grade.
Yeah, let's not get into years here. 

This is my wonderful Aunt Mattie 
She is doing lots of last minute things for the housewarming here.
I couldn't have made it without her & Kat.
And my Momma.  I didn't find any pics of her from the gathering.
Btw, don't you just LOVE the red in the kitchen???

Oh and did I mention I just returned this past Saturday from a girls only vacation to FL?
I have lots of pictures of that trip as well.
Lots of blogging to come. 
Stay tuned!!

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~Kat~ said...

Love it! The housewarming was fantastic!