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Florida Trip Highlights

So here are some pictures from my all girls trip to FL.
These first few pics were taken the first Saturday on arrival.

Shortly after dinner on the beach, 
the sky grew dark, and the storm blew in from Mexico,
which decided to stay for the next 30hrs.

This is down the beach from Pier 60

We both found new addictions while there.
Kat's just happened to be this Cuban coffee from the 
Havana Cigars & Coffee Lounge

This became my addiction.
Yes, this Gyro is actually as big as the lunch plate it is on.
This lovely Gyro came from Acropol Inn Restaurant

I won't mention that it's less than $6 
I already want one **sigh**

This next picture and the pizza below are from the 
Gondolier Pizza on the beach in Clearwater.

It was our late night spot.  
Open until midnight.

 One day we spent in Tarpon Springs, FL just outside of Dunedin. 
How do you say that again Kat?  Ok, never mind. 
This is a picture from the Sponge Docks.
It is actually really cool down there.  The whole Greek seaside village.
The atmosphere and people are wonderful.
You should definitely try the bakeries.  
Oh they are to die for!!
Ok, so maybe not DIE, but they are pretty darn good.

Here are Kat & I at Crabby Bill's 

 We were able to watch to sun set during dinner.
Which was pretty good. 
Justin was our waiter.  He did a great job.

 The last few hours of my trip, 
spent on this sunny beach
soaking up the sun
the air
the water.

I can't wait to get back and get my toes in the sand!!

Hope you enjoyed the picture trip!

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Mattie said...


Love the blog pictures of your vacation and your house warming. Great commentary as well.

I think you figured if you painted in the bathroom it might get done quicker....especially if some paint "just happened" to get flung.

Love ya.