"Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter, and those who matter don't mind." ~~Wisdom from Dr. Seuss:


Hello, yes I'm still here...........

barely most days it seems.  Still on the puny side.  One minute it seems I have something to blog about, the next nothing.  My train of thought is slim to none.  I haven't even been able to focus enough to read anyone else's blog and I apologize.  I try to read and comment and all of you all every chance I get.  I've barely been on facebook and Lord knows that is the easiest place to keep up with anybody who's anybody, right?
It's definitely March Madness around here in my neck of the woods.  If you're truly interested in that and all the home teams I'm into you can read Miss Kerry's post here.
Everyone who's anyone knows I am a die hard KY Fan (just like the other 99.99999% of Kentuckians).  True Blue.  There is nothing like KY basketball.  A lot of people think they are basketball fans, but we set a whole other bar when it comes to that.  Poor Billy G didn't realize that when he signed on.  Do I think he's a good coach, yeah, do I think he's a good recruit, yeah, do I think he fit at KY, no way.  You have to love the people as much as you love basketball.
We will see how our Cats do come Friday night against Ohio State.

We did go Sunday and buy paint for a couple of rooms.  Hopefully I will have them done before I'm dead :)
We also looked at new counter tops so hopefully that will be in the works soon as well.

I'm wore out!  Please check out my list of who I love to read.  I have some new ones added.  Maybe they can keep you occupied until I am back up to par!


Mom2One said...

Thanks for your comment. =) I love do decorate...it's good that I can do so for cheap...huh? =)

I am a DIEHARD UT fan...but seriously when it's basketball season I totally cheer on UK. Football is another story....my husband is a KY native. We are a house divided for sure. So it goes..... I love all things SEC. So glad to find your blog and to know that I'm not the only "girl" that's "into" sports!!!! =)


Marie said...

Haha, I totally get your basketball obsession...it's hockey in our house, lol.

I haven't blogged too much either. Not much to write about and if I do post anything it's a quick picture or a recipe, I like to keep it short lately, lol.

I want to know what colors you picked in paint! We just picked some swatches for when we get to re-do our mess of a leaky house...GREAT NEWS! We're supposed to get up to 8 inches of snow between today and tomorrow! (So kidding about that being great, lol)

Queen-Size funny bone said...

Spring has sprung so get your rear and gear girl. I have some painting to do also, not my favorite thing to do.

Missy said...

Go KY!!!!

Mom2One said...

Awww...thanks for the "happy" comment on my blog. That seriously made me smile!!!!

tammy said...

New counter tops? I would love new counter tops!