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So I'm a little early

I'm a little early for Christmas I know.  I mean really, Thanksgiving isn't within a week yet. 
Since losing everything you have to get what you can get as you go so having said that, 
Christmas, YAY!!
This year the question has been how many trees can I have?
DH said how many?  ONE. 
I finally got him over that notion.  
We agreed on 2.  One in the front room to see from the road.
The second for the den & family get together. 
For the front room I bought a flocked tree, which I want to do in red.
For the den I wanted a regular green tree that is decorated in primitive/country.
Decorations are so expensive!!  Especially when starting from scratch!
I found these great little gems at a very cheap cheap price!

I got two of everything.  Some more.  I just loved them.
This is my tree topper.  I forgot to turn her around, sorry!! 

And this is for my front porch.
In case you don't know what that is, it's a tobacco basket.
These pictures really do not do them justice.
I will try to do more after I get everything up!
That is how I spent my weekend at Christmas open houses.
(btw, I bought all my ornaments at the dollar general store for a $1)


♥Georgie♥ said...

Oh I LOVE your decorations...and as long as you aren't commercial i do not think it is too early to discuss Christmas...I mean geesh i already have my SSS going out...

Jenilee said...

I think both trees will be adorable! I'll be watching for pics of them when your done. LOVE $1 ornaments!!!

Taylor said...

Great ornaments!! It's never too early. Thanksgiving was aver a month ago in Canada LOL! Just think Canadian, we are all decorating for Christmas now. My street is filled with outdoor lights and such LOL!

Queen-Size funny bone said...

those are all great, now you got me in the mood

Marie said...

2 trees!! I'm so jealous...we can't put ours up this year because we bought an elliptical to get in shape for the wedding and put it where the tree usually goes :o( The condo doesn't allow for it to go anywhere else, so I'm going to put up tons of garland to hang my ornaments. So, I'm expecting to see pictures of yours so I can print them out and hang them on my fridge, lol :o)

Anonymous said...

Oh me...I was just thinking I would love to have some carved Snow Man ornies but thought how much they would be...Dollar General Store? You don't say...may have to make a trip across town! ;-D

tammy said...

Cute ornaments!

One can never have too many trees in my book.

Angelena said...

My Christmas ornaments are some of my most prized possessions. I have homemade ones from my boys, some of my Mama's and her former students. Each year the memories flow as each ornament is hung on the tree!