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Captain & Tennille

Today while at work I was talking to Boss Lady about getting a cd stuck in the cd player in the car.
The first thing she asked was, "was it your Captain & Tennille?"
I was like "WHO!?!?!?"
She didn't believe me when I said I had never heard of them.
That they were a duet, that was something like the Carpenters.
I had to question her wanting me to find out about them, seriously, if you think about it
what kind of brother & sister sings songs like the Carpenters??
She told me to go to my world of knowledge, aka Google and find them.
Being they had their first "album" in 1974 and was 2yrs before I was even born, I felt better.
So my question today is, how many of you remember this "Captain & Tennille"?
What are your memories of them?

For those of you who do, I have put them on my tracks below.

I thought this was suiting for me :)


Taylor said...

I was born in '75 so I'm stumped too?

Queen-Size funny bone said...

I graduated in 76 so I remember them well. Kinda cheesy but they had a few catchy tunes

Gail said...

"Love will keep us together..." kinda freaky for brother and sister. I did enjoy some of their songs but they are elevator music in my opinion.

tammy said...

That's funny!