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Babies & Birthday

Here are the little rascals!!

Joseph Nathaniel 6lbs 4oz
Thomas Arlie 6lbs 7oz
They arrived Friday evening after 6:30.
They are doing great, and so are Mommy & Daddy!
Congrats to the Family!!
Today is my good friend Amanda's Birthday!!
Everyone please wish Amanda a
For Amanda's Birthday I fixed up a little surprise for her last night.
She and Hubby came over to this

and a little R&R without the little ones.

Today DH and I are on our way to Church.
Afterwards we are going to look for my "birthday shoes" I haven't had a chance to pick out from my Momma & Daddy. 
I can't wait to just be outside!!
It looks like this here today


Becky said...

My goodness! What a beautiful birthday table you fixed!!

Congrats to the new Mama!! What a blessed handful:)

Good luck on those bday shoes. I LOVE shoes:)

tammy said...

Look at those cute babies! Congrats to their parents.

Queen-Size funny bone said...

what precious little babies.

Taylor said...

Those babies are so precious! Congrats to the proud parents.

Happy B-Day to your friend. I hope dinner was great, it looked amazing. Goodluck with the shoes.

Missy said...

Happy Birthday Amanda!
BTW, my birthday is December 10th! The babies are gorgeous!