"Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter, and those who matter don't mind." ~~Wisdom from Dr. Seuss:


Do You Think I Have A Problem?

Seriously I have to ask. 
The other day I realized while DH was asking me "who" I was talking about like he should know that I was talking bout one of you all.  I know.  I know.  Some parts of me feels like it's sad and that I have no life.
Other parts of me feel happy for YOU that I like your blogs so much!! 

For example the other evening on the way home from work I was sharing with Dave about Becky from "In The Trenches" story about how she and Mike met and their story.  I loved that story, what can I say?
Dave also enjoys to talk extensively about politics where as I like to be informed but am not obsessed as he is but I really enjoy sharing with him about stuff that Tammy at "Time Flies" blogs about.  DH also knows who Luvpilot is and his "new love" that I not so secretly love as well.  He is my back up for pleading my case with DH.
We pray daily for Georgie and her family as they go through so much with Dad.

After working all day at the same place with there being an hour there and an hour home I don't want to discuss work or the problems there.  That is our rule.  The first 15mins we can talk about work and get it off our chest, after that it's officially off the table.  Since we are gone from 6:30am to 6:30pm or later my day is generally shot by the time we get home, do supper, dishes, etc.  That leaves my daily contact you all and my immediate family.  Now you've become my second family!!
Is it wrong to say I love you guys??
Oh well, as the saying goes, Que Sera Sera.
I should mention DH has some concerns regarding my visiting Farm Chick he feels pretty confident that she is connected to the increase of his waistline with all the new recipes I've been trying.\

You tell me what you think.


Janean said...

too funny. i wonder when the telephone was invented if there was the same issue? lol! cute post.

Becky said...


I have the same problem!!

Only thing is I drag my husband in to SHOW him the blogs and post I am talking about:) He knows you all too some!

You all are my buds!!

Taylor said...

LOL! Yes, I sometimes do that but I am really bad for constantly talking about the girls on my IVF board.

tammy said...

If I thought you had a problem, I would have to them admit I had a problem.

I always refer to my bloggy friends as if I know them in real life. Luvpilot calls them my imaginary friends. I say he's just jealous.