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L'Appuntamento - Ornella Vanoni

I fell in love with this song (L'Appuntamento sung by Ornella Vanoni written by Roberto Carlos / Erasmo Carlos / Bruno Lauzi) the first time I heard it, even though I didn't know what the words meant. I heard the song again last night for the first time in a long time, so I thought I want to put that on my blog. While I was surfing around, I googled the english translation, so here it is.
How beautiful.

(English Translation)

The Appointment

I've been mistaken so many times by now that I already know
that today is almost a certainty
I've been wrong about you
but once more
that you can change my life
to accept this strange appointment
has been a madness!

Love, make it soon,
I don't resist
if you don't come,
I don't exist
I don't exist, I don't exist

I am sad among the people
that are passing nearby
but the nostalgia of seeing you again
it is stronger than weeping:
this sun shines on on my face
a sign of hope.
I am waiting when suddenly
You appear in a distance!

It is necessary to finish with this soon
Necessary to remember that I exist
That I exist
That I exist

Car lights, shop windows, streets,
everything seems so confusing
my shadow is tired of following me
the day dies slowly.
Don't leave me to return to my house
to my sad life
this life that I wanted to give to you


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