"Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter, and those who matter don't mind." ~~Wisdom from Dr. Seuss:



Whew, I knew I was, but I didn't realize how bad.
So, as bright ideas come, I thought, "hey, since I am going to this wedding in Mobile AL, maybe I should do a little pre-tanning, so I don't burn up"
So wise me went to Sun Tan City. Of course the place is full of teeny boppers, who look like they have been in the tanning bed for most of their lives. I'm thinking, "Wow, this doesn't sell me at all, it actually scares me..." most of them were not what I would call a "pretty" tan, it was more like YIKES!! This REALLY should have been my first in cling. Never the less, (did I also mention they are wayyyyyyyy too cheery for their own good?) She takes me on this "tour" of all the different beds/stand ups/spray spa they have I think 23 thingies there. I was in awe of course. So she's like, do you want the Fast, Faster, Fastest, Versa Spa, or Instant. I let the little girl talk me into a tan package. Which was a good deal.
So here I am, my first session. I climb in the bed for the first time in probably almost 8yrs, (last time I remember was before I got married) I didn't realize how many different beds/stand ups they have. Who knew?? Anyways, 6 minutes is what they recommended since they just got new bulbs that day, and I am fair complected. They said if I got "hot" to stop so I wouldn't burn. Awww.......it felt, wonderful!! Like actually being on the beach, minus the sand in your swimwear. No burning, just relaxed, and feeling good about my choice. I shouldn't have over reacted to the girls with the scary tans.
So the next day I am ALL about it. This time, the girls looked more normal, and had a "pretty tan" (this is where they seen me coming) I started talking to them about why I was tanning, blah, blah, blah. "Oh well, you need this accelerator....you will be amazed of how it works so fast....blah, blah, blah" she said. I'm thinking, this girl knows what she's talking about because she has a "pretty tan".
Ok, so I buy the highly over priced accelerator. I rubba dub up, jump in for 8 minutes, and off to the beach I go.
Ummm....you know what's next right?? Yep, what came out of that room was a lobster!! Oh my, it wasn't so bad at first. But this morning. EEeekkkksss!!!! Who is that red thing in the mirror. AAAackkkkkkkkk, it's meeeeeeeeee!!!!!!! At least it didn't burn my face up, nor did I have the "raccoon" look going on, but underneath, iya, yia.

I would take a pic and show ya, but I would be banned, and of course I can't move that way right now, lol.

Hope you are having a great weekend!!


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Suzie said...

Ouch time to sit in a cool bath filled a aloe