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Kentucky Basketball

I hate to say it, being a huge Kentucky fan, but I am glad this season is over. Billy G has pretty much put the nails in the coffin for us, and no one at UK seems to notice, even though the rest of Kentucky does.

When Tubby left, I was almost ecstatic. I was hoping that we would be lucky enough to get Billy Donovan, but nooooooooooooo, wrong Billy. ***Sighs*** How is it possible that we got a drunk instead of a basketball coach?? Who, hasn't shown up all season, and yet, I haven't seen any great recruiting. He was suppose to be some "Awesome Recruiter", blah, blah, blah.

Know what they REALLY should have done?? They should have hired Pat Summit from the Lady Volvs team in TN, and got a real coach in here for Ky. So what if she is a woman?? I think she would have been great myself!! I will settle for Travis Ford. I know he hasn't been a big time coach yet, but he is heart and soul a true blue Kentuckian. He was under Rick Patino, who better could you have played for and learned under?? Come on KY, give him a shot!!

I hope this is the end for Billy G. Don't get me wrong, he's a sharped dressed, young, nice looking, single man. Yet seems to have no clue how basketball is coached.

Kentucky has a great arena. I posted a picture of the last game I went to. As you can see the game is going, but the seats aren't full. I couldn't believe it. KY use to be the hardest team to get tickets for and now, I am sadden by our lack of team spirit.

I will stand with the Blue, because I will always Bleed Blue, with Billy G., or hopefully not. haha.

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