"Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter, and those who matter don't mind." ~~Wisdom from Dr. Seuss:


No Words

Nothing to Say Sunday.........I have nothing.

I have a new blouse for my date Saturday.
My best "girl" friend and I were able to see each other twice this week.
We managed 4 calls. lol. Between Graycen, (who I consider one of my nephews) and us (hubby and I) working an hour in the oposite direction is gives us little time together for shopping, or just visiting for that much anymore.
She and her Hubby are going out with us Saturday.
Saturday I got a new perm, a wax, and a mani. That was cool.
Except for the annoying little girl who's mom had taught her no manners.
(She told the hairdresser that she was getting on her nerves and to shut up)
I wanted to tie her up and use some duck tape.
Ok, I'm totally get off key here.
Hubby hooked up our new heat pump since it's been in the 60's today.
How is that possible? We had 12 inches of snow Wednesday 19 degrees
Then 55 yesterday, 60 today?
One of the higher paying jobs that gets paid no matter if you are right or wrong.
I haven't figured that out today.

Hubby and I had to work Saturday morning until 12.
Lady comes in, tells him she wants to buy stuff to make a moonshine still.
It is legal here to make it, as long as it's minimal "family" consumption.
Other words, you can make enough for the family, but not enough to sell.
Being from Indiana he was surprised someone asked.
Being from Kentucky, I couldn't believe it took 4yrs on this job for someone to ask.

I did pick some new tunes for the week. "Lovey Dovey Songs" Some jazz, some country, etc. Hope you enjoy them.

Ok, that's what I got. Have a great week!!

Oh yeah!!! I almost forgot! I found Miss Marilyn "The Farm Blahg". I was going into withdraws! If you haven't had a chance to stop by her place, I HIGHLY reccomend it!! She's a hoot. You will find her under blogs I follow now as, "The (Trailer) Parks Farm"

P.S. Please keep Gert in your prayers, (that is Hot Tub Lizzy's little girl) she has the flu and strep!! Poor Baby, We wanna see her better ricky tick quick!!!

1 more thing, how do I get this stupid "flickr" thingy to work????? I have tried everything, anyone willing to help, please let me know!!! Thanks!!!!

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Suzie said...

I love the farm blog too. Have a good weekend