"Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter, and those who matter don't mind." ~~Wisdom from Dr. Seuss:


Time Flies......

Time is flying by.  It seems with work it consumes my day that I am so tired by the time I leave, I just want to sit in a chair and do nothing.  This has seemed like the longest week ever.  My mother in law arrived this past Sunday.  We are both still breathing, so all is well.
DH woke me this morning shaking like crazy.  He was chilling.  I started getting ready.  I looked up and his poor little face was swollen, he looked like a squirrel with his mouth full.  The side of his neck was swollen as well.  He is a very sick baby.  I'm not use to him being sick.  Fortunately his Momma's here to take care of him.  How lucky am I?

Weekend before last we went to Indiana for Father's Day.  I met Kat and Aunt Mattie at Huber's where we had a wonderful relaxing day.
Aunt Mattie

We had lunch at Huber'sWinery  
 then stopped at the Joe Huber's Family Restaurant and had appetizers before going home.  I tried the fried green beans, yep, that's what I said, fried green beans. 

I had a great visit and DH seemed to enjoy his visit as well.  My Momma & Daddy Bear have been on vacation for a little over 2 weeks.  They seemed to have a good time.  
I also found out that I have a niece 

No resemblance there, huh?

We had our annual golf outing last week at work.  As most of you know that is an event that I help put on.  It is very time consuming and stressful and I don't even play golf!!  I've just about decided I need to learn before next years outing.  Now to find someone to teach me!  This sweetheart below has offered in the past, but he's leaving me in a few weeks for college on a golf scholarship.  

 The fella on the far right, in the blue is my neighbor.  He wakes me on Sunday mornings before 7am leaving to go play the game.  So there HAS to be something enjoyable about it.

   And here is me, and one of our salesmen after a grueling 14hrs on the golf course. 
We had a total of 130 people playing. 


Queen-Size funny bone said...

those green beans would be great with a dipping sauce of course...

Maria said...

They were. They came with ranch and a horseradish sauce.