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I Love This Old House....

Have I mentioned I love this old house??
I'm so glad when I wake up in the mornings and start down the stairs I think, 
"Man, I love this house" until I see the hideous wallpaper I haven't got down yet. 
Anyways, here are some updated pictures of the new bathroom.
The contractor finally showed up today.

Before they started
After DH put down the flooring
 Contractor did the rest of the damage.
I'm a little spastic over the mess that has taken over the house. 
It's in every room!!!

I'm ready to finish this.
Hopefully they will be back Monday to work.
Leaving for Grandma Bertha's 89th Birthday in the am.

Have a Great Weekend!!


tammy said...

I love your old house too. Especially that porch. I want a wrap-around porch.

The bathroom is looking great!

Queen-Size funny bone said...

That is one big house. the bathroom is coming along nicely and then you will have to decorate it.