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French Toast, My Southern Ways and other Misc Things

I thought about this post while I was up half the night.  I was thinking about it because I was hungry and wanting some of my stuffed french toast.  For someone reason everyone seems to fall in love with it.  I get calls from friends wanting to come see me so that I can fix them stuffed french toast.
So I thought since I have very little to post I will post about Stuffed French Toast.

First let me tell you how I came about this.
When we lived in Kansas City one of our favorite places to get away was Branson.  We loved to stay at The Bradford House.  Bob and Cristy became like a second family we were there so much.  Just to get away, anniversaries, birthday, and when we miscarried.  Standing in the kitchen while they prepared breakfast, I would watch as Bob whipped up this wonderful stuffed french toast.  His version varies quite a bit from mine but I think they are equally as good.  If you are ever in Branson, you cannot go wrong staying there.  The place is beautiful inside and out.  The view is breath taking and the Inn Keepers are exceptional.  (I hope they are still there since we've not been unfortunately in 6yrs now).

Below you will find pictures and a "recipe".
Here is where my "southern ways" comes in.  Rarely do I ever use a recipe.  My food is usually based on something I've seen or had and I've recreated it.  Or something I watched Nannie fix while growing up.  She never used measurements for cooking.  A dash of this, a sprinkle of that, butter "egg size", a "cup" that usually consisted of an old coffee cup she had used.  So you see, for me to tell you exact measurements for this is impossible.  So this morning I "attempted" to do that as I went a long.

First you will need all of this:

I'm guessing at measurements, please keep this in mind.  It's French toast, so roll with it!!  You can't go wrong, well you can, but give it a shot!!

(this is based on 2 people)

4 slices of Texas Toast (fresh or stale is fine)
or if you prefer you can slice your own french bread but do it thick
2 eggs, beaten
1/3 - 1/2 c. sugar
1/2 c. milk (or more)
1 tsp of vanilla
cream cheese
powdered sugar

fresh fruit
fried apples
peaches, blackberries, cherries fixed for cobblers
(if you don't know how you can always buy a can of pie filling and warm it in the microwave)
cool whip

I like to mix my sugar and cinnamon together first, then add my eggs and milk.  It's all about consistency.  It should be somewhat thin but have a yellowish/reddish tint if it is more "white" from too much milk, add another egg and a dash more of sugar and cinnamon.  Note, I always like to use a "smaller" "high sided" bowl to mix in so that it stands around my bread.

I use a lot of cinnamon, but I love the taste of it.  You put in how much you think you would like. 
Once I put it in the skillet I like to sprinkle a little extra on the toast. 
Fry this until browned like grilled cheese. 

While it is frying I slice my cream cheese.  
I flatten the slices a little so it will get soft easier between the warm toast.
Usually I put 2 slices between the bread.  
Sometimes I like it a little thicker, sometimes thinner all depending on my toppings I use. 

When I  have the second layer on top I then sprinkle it with powder sugar. 
Top it with anything you like.  My favorite is doing what I call a "tropical" stuffed french toast. 
I use coconut, fresh pineapple and bananas on top.  

today was just powdered sugar for me.  
DH likes his with apple butter from the Apple Barn.
If you have never been to that little Tennessee treat in Pigeon Forge You MUST go. 

Yes, I made mushroom, onion, and tomato omlettes this morning as well. 
I'll save that recipe for another day maybe. 
I topped it all off with a big cup and I do mean big cup of fresh ground coffee.

The next few weeks here are going to be pretty busy.  Next weekend we will be going to Bloomington for DH's Grandma's 89th Birthday party.  Where I will be able to eat cupcakes made by my delightful cousin Kat who has just started her own blog on cupcakes and such at Kat's Cake-Topia.  Head over there and give her a BIG shout out and welcome. She is the creator of those awesome Coconut Lime Cupcakes you heard me going on about for days (if you are friends with me on Facebook).
DH will be gone Valentines week to Atlanta on a business trip.  Then that Friday Aunt Mattie and I are going to Cinnci to see Ree Drummond.  You know PIONEER WOMAN!!!!!  I am so exited, can you tell? 
I guess DH signed us up for the 

Update on the bathroom project.  Guys still haven't showed up.  Suppose to come tomorrow, I'm not holding my breath.  Although it has motivated DH.  He has pulled out the drywall, and is currently as I type installing the new flooring.  I'm glad.  I'm already tired of seeing the bathroom sitting in my courting parlor, foyer and any where else it has landed while coming home from Lowe's lol.  Now I just have to pick out a color.  I thought all this would be fun but instead I have found it stressful because everything we wanted they had the faucet but not the tub set or vice versa.  So we had to change that, then lights, etc.  Oh well, it's just part of the whole experience I guess. 

 Momma just texted me and is bringing DH and I both back a warm piece of this 
from here
Smokey Valley Truck Stop
If you missed my story on this place check it out here.

So I gotta run!  I'll post more later............


Queen-Size funny bone said...

damn now im hungry

tammy said...

Looks yummy! We're actually having breakfast for dinner tonight. My favorite french toast is made with cinnamon swirl bread from a local bakery here, then topped with apple cider syrup. I'm thinking cream cheese would make it even more yummy.

Marie said...

Now that's what I call a breakfast and it looks so easy! French toast is my all time favorite!! I just made one from Pillsbury with their refrigerated cinnamon rolls...it was awesome!

I hope your bathroom gets done soon!!

Now on to check out your cousins blog :o)

Taylor said...

Wow! That looks so good! I am so glad I just ate or I might have tried to make it tonight LOL.

How exciting to go see Pioneer Woman!! Can't wait to hear aboutr that. Have an excellent few weeks.

Beth E. said...

This sounds delicious! We love french toast. We also love to go to Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg! :-)

~Kat~ said...

Oh yeah, the next time I'm down visiting you know what I want for breakfast one day! That looks awesome Maria!

Thanks for the shout out & linking to my blog. Not much there right now but it'll get better. Especially if you keep texting me about new cupcake recipes with flavors you don't like! I think that's just too funny!

I really like the new digs in "my" room! Looking beautiful - so much so I wish I was there sleeping tonight instead of up here! Oh well, gotta work, work, work. So here is where I am, for now. I also like the new look on your blog. One of these days I'm gonna have to get more creative with mine and find stuff to add to it too.

I hope you get to feeling better! I am very excited to see you for Grandma's 89th! Anything special you want while you're here?

Goodnight luvie!