"Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter, and those who matter don't mind." ~~Wisdom from Dr. Seuss:


Close To The End

of the weekend......  How did it get here so fast?  I can tell you.  We started physical inventory at work Thursday right after we closed for the day and just finished up yesterday afternoon.  That makes for some long days.  With less than 5hrs sleep a night, DH and I are wore out.  I have slowly started working on my Christmas decorating here at the house last night.  I decided to forget trying to do 2 trees this year and go with one and be done with it.  I like my stuff up the day after Thanksgiving and well, I've been a little unhappy not getting my tree started until today.  What is the greatest part of Christmas yet at the same time?  FAMILY.  Oh yes, my MIL will be here no later than the 22nd.  It is like her not to tell us when she's coming until the night before she leaves.  You can only guess how much I love that.  Even after 9yrs I have still not adjusted.

We had snow all weekend.  To me that is WONDERFUL.  Is there anything more beautiful than snow?  Especially in December.  I am hoping that at least with the year we have had God can grant me the wish of a big white Christmas.  I've been good this year, well for the most part, but we won't go into  that, lol.
I did purchase me a "Christmas Shirt".  It has a picture of Santa with his "Naughty List" and it says, "I'm On The Naughty List Again".  I thought it was cute.  

DH and I have had a rough week together.  We normally do not fight.  I know most people say this isn't true BUT how do you fight with someone who won't fight back??  Seriously. I'm a female and like to be heard when I have something to say, He on the other hand just quits talking, anyways......
We  have been having somewhat heated debates about our dog Jesse.  He's a border collie I brought home as a surprise (to a man who did not want a dog, certainly not kept in the house) right after we had been married 5 months.  Now the thing is, we are always gone.  We work long hours where we leave at 6:30 and never get home until 6:30 or later.  Now, anyone who has a border collie knows they need more attention than someone who works hours like that, and is back in the bed by 10pm.  I feel like we are punishing Jesse.  DH refuses to give him up to a good home.  He is getting older and more set in his ways (DH, although Jesse is as well).  Who knows when or if we will come to an agreement.  Do you have any suggestions?

It's time to start the Christmas candy making and baking here.  I just started my list this morning.  DH was nice enough to put in his thoughts on what he wants.  I guess he decided not to be mad long enough for that, lol.
What do you like to make/bake for Christmas?
What are some of your holiday traditions?


Marie said...

I still haven't gotten my Christmas boxes out of the attic and it's making me a little sad...this house is so NOT festive and I NEED it to be, lol.

This is my suggestion about your dog...when my in-laws are going to be away they have a dog walker come in to spend a little time with their dog and of course walk him and feed him. Do you know someone you can trust that can take your dog out for a little stroll around the block mid-day?

I make a ton of cookies for Christmas and I got a couple of new recipes from my husband's grandmother...I can't wait to make them this year! I think I'm going to try and make some dough ahead of time and freeze it to make it easier on myself.

Happy decorating/baking!!

Anonymous said...

Hey there Maria!♥

No pets at Cardinal Cottage...due to severe allergies...so I'm no help...LoL!

I plan on some chocolate and peanut butter fudge and a chex mix...although I'll have to be very careful around all of it this year due to my recent diabetic diagnosis.

Hope you are warm and toasty today!♥