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Random Update

Not having internet is hard on a blogger.
Not only can you not blog, but it is impossible to keep up with everyone elses blogs.
I think I am caught up on about half now.
If you are not seeing comments from me that you regularly would, know I am still reading, I probably don't have as much time to leave comments trying to keep up, but soon, very soon!
(I hope).

Anywho.......we are still homeless, but have been looking at this house.

It is an early 1900's house.
It is the kind of house I have always wanted to turn into a Bed & Breakfast.
It has all the potential for it that is for sure.
The house its self is a sturdy house, but the lady who owned it before passed away over a year or more.
She was in and out of the nursing home for about 2-3yrs before that, so there is some things needed done.
She was "society" for this small podunk town it is in.
She was an entertainer, and what one would have called in her "day" an "old maid".
Never married.  She had very "unique" style.

Anyways, about the house. 
There is a formal living room in the from to the left with a fireplace that has a marble mantle.
A formal dining room, a large den with room off to the side with a jacuzzi tub in it.
A large foyer with open stairwell.  A half bath with a laundry room.  A smaller kitchen with huge pantry, an eating area.  There are closest gallore!!!
Upstairs there are three bedrooms.  It originally had 4 bedrooms.  She had converted one into a large bathroom adjacent to the master bedroom,  and the other half of it into a huge walk in closet.
The master bedroom also has a porch that was inclosed into a study.  The rooms are big.
And BRIGHT at this point.  The lady loved wallpaper.  The master bath also has a large clawfoot slipper tub.  It is fire engine red.  The room has teal carpet.  I had to question her thinking on that one.
Lots of potential.  The price could be right.  I guess we will see.
(it also has a dirt floor basement, which kind of freaks me out.  also an attic which we didn't go into)

That is the update on the house hunting.
We are still wanting to go to Norway, but it looks like it will not be for a year or two.

The weather here in Kentucky is HOT, HOT, HOT.  MUGGY, MUGGY, MUGGY!!!
I am ready for fall myself. 

Work is going ok.  Getting use to my new job.  Trying to train the new girl for my old job at the same time.
This is making for long stressful days, but I will get through it I am sure.
I can't wait.  I am ready to do just my "new" job!


tammy said...

I am loving that house! Even though it's not exactly your style, it sounds like it has huge potential. I love old houses like that.

Becky said...

that house sounds like a crazy adventure! dirt floor basement, teal carpet, walpaper galore, and scary attics :) I love it! It will be a neat page in your life for sure :)

You are NOT kidding that it is muggy! oh my. Here in Ohio I am so thankful for the air conditioning! You go outside and are immediatly have wet clothes from moisture and heat and sweat. YUCK!

Marie said...

Love the old house. Could be great with a little TLC. Can't wait to hear what happens! Hope it cools down for you...it's been pretty muggy in NJ the last few days and it doesn't look like it's going to break until at least the middle of the week. Ugh...yep, almost ready for the fall too.

Taylor said...

I just adore that house!! Exactly the style I told DH that I would love to someday buy and renovate. DH is a home inspector now but prior to that he was a carpenter for 20 years so it would be something really fun for us.

I hope you get a house soon, I'm sure the limbo is pretty stressful on you both.

♥Georgie♥ said...

Oh Maria i LOVE that house...so so so envious...I feel ya on the heat it is hot humid hot humid and hotter than haddes here too