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Tasty Tuesday

Now who doesn't like these little Zingers??
To me they are to die for.  Just a little piece of heaven.
Unfortunately I can't stand the thought of the whole "Twinkie" studies.
So I thought, I need to figure out how to make my own version.
I am all about simple and quick.
As some of you know, I came up with a new recipe for this tasty lil' treat.
It didn't turn out the prettiest in the world, but the taste was YUM!!!
I made mine for Sunday Dinner, so I went with round.
You can use whatever you like.  Next time I'm doing square.
So as I promised, here is my recipe for it.

Maria's Raspberry Zinger
1 box of white cake mix, your choice of brand.
Fix as directed but omit the water, and use milk in place.
grease & flour 2 8" pans
(using the milk takes them a little longer to bake, usually 10-15mins.
you will have to watch it and see.)
1 large box of raspberry jello
mix pkg w/2 cups water bring to boil
while your waiting on your jello to boil,
(do NOT add more water to this like the box says, just the two cups in the pan)
gently poke a few holes on the top of your cakes with a fork
pour the jello mixture slowly over cakes.
(cakes can be still warm)
let cakes cool, then put in the fridge to chill for 2hrs.

 I like coconut, so I used about a 1/3 of a bag of coconut
mix it in with a large tub of cool whip
I would use how much coconut you like, more or less :)
spread cool whip mixture on first cake layer, then place second layer on top
coating the whole cake.
This was my end result

Not the prettiest cake I've ever created but one of the best tasting!!
You know what they say, "Practice Makes Perfect!"


Sarah said...

Hard to believe but I have never had Twinkies. They have never drawn me and I once I remember being told there shelf live was 10 yrs. that just confirmed no need to try!

Anonymous said...

Such a pretty color...would be a pretty Christmas cake!☺

Marie said...

GO YOU for coming up with a homemade version! I might give this a whirl for Easter!!

Taylor said...

Yum, yum, yum!

Mc Allen said...

oooooooh, amam likie!!! I bet it was delish~ and I think its just beautiful!!!! xoxo LA

Vanessa said...

Excuse me, I will stop licking my computer screen now.