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So Much Sunday

There is so much to tell this Sunday so this might be a long blog. 
I haven't had the opportunity to really sit and blog all week. 
It has been on the "fly" from other locations. 
First off as much as I have enjoyed this scene from my desk
I am so ready to have some more of this sunshine & 58 degree stuff.

This week I was able to go to Rupp Arena to see my "Cat's" stuff
(locker room entrance)

(My Boss Brenda, My office supply guy Rod, & Me )
It was an awesome time, we were able to shoot some hoops on the floor.
We had lunch with Kyle Macy and received autographed basketballs.

This weekend we headed back to Indiana to see Poppy & Betty.
I stayed with Aunt Mattie & Kathryn.
We had a great time.  We had a girls day Saturday.
Staring with a wonderful breakfast by Mattie.
She made pumpkin pancakes with homemade syrup. YUM
Kat & I made up some homemade exfoliate for hands & feet.
Went to do a little shopping.
We also went by this decandent place Angel B's
and I had this little piece of heaven.
I ate it when I got home while trying to catch up on my bloggy friends.
BTW, Mattie & Kat this little piece of almost flourless cake,
Ohhhh Mmmmmyyyyyyyyy!!!
Thanks Mattie for the extra cupcakes.  DH said they were yummy.
Kat & I discussed, plotted & planned a little more on the family cookbook
she is really creating and I am just an innocent by standard
we are working on together.
Saturday night Kat, Chris, DH & I went to a Thai place in Bloomington.
My first time eating at a Thai restaurant.  It was yummy!!

Now we are home, trying to recoupe.
I am almost caught up on my blog reading.
We're off and running for another week.
Another fun week in the making.


Queen-Size funny bone said...

sounds like you have been keeping busy for sure. wishing sunshine to melt that snow.

Taylor said...

Sounds like a very busy and fun week! I hope this one is great too but with nicer weather LOL!

David said...

that cake looks amazing cook'n try it.

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