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It's All Over

Finally it's all over.  Christmas.  I love to see it come but sometimes I love to see it go more.
Unfortunately that is how this years Christmas has ended.  Me loving it leaving.
The presents, candy, and food messes are gone. 
The access amount of accumulated stuff has been aquired, more stuff to find room for and more weight put on I am possitive of. 
The tree is still up here.  I usually leave it up until New Years day.  I am ready to take it down.
I will postpone doing that until the first.  I remember as a kid when we did go to my Dad's for Christmas on Christmas day, Mom had the tree down by the time we got home.  It always made me so sad.
I guess since the visit was usually so disappointing, and then to come home and see everything gone.
Here are some pics from Christmas.
It looks like Jesse had the best time of all!

DH's Grandma in her hat, scarf, & gloves for Church we got her

This is a "Tobacco Christmas Tree" for some reason they became popular here this yr.


Hot Tub Lizzy said...

Great pics - Gramma is a CUTIE!!!!!!!!!

Pedaling said...

i am so ready to take all my stuff down!
so much work.